Yes, Yes, & Yes!

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Yes, Yes, &  Yes!

The past few months have come and gone so quickly. With spring break and a trip to Colorado for Easter, spring soccer and baseball, my husband traveling more than usual, and school getting out…it’s like, I came up for air and it’s now, June.

Lately, with all three boys home all day (which I absolutley LOVE), I have noticed that I have said a lot of, “No.” “No.” and “No.” to our boys. Ugh. Sigh. I don’t like how I feel when I say that word. Just thinking about it right now, kind of makes my stomach sour.

Today, as I was on the eliptical machine at the gym, (with just me, myself and my thoughts), it allowed me time to reflect on little things that make me feel good! I came to the conclusion that I really feel the best when I say “Yes!” This means, yes to questions, yes to people, yes to invitations, and most importantly, yes to life!! As soon as I started thinking of all the people and things I look forward to saying, “Yes!” to, I had a HUGE “aha” moment:

God says yes to us all day, every day.

He never says, “No!” He answers “Yes, Yes & Yes” all day long…even after the cows come home! ; )

The way God (or the universe, whatever you like to call it), says yes to us, is by knowing and trusting and believing and living ONLY from LOVE. God is love and nothing less, therefore, “Yes” is all God knows.

What I mean by this is, let’s say, you or your spouse or your friend, didn’t get the job he/she wanted. God didn’t say, “No!” He is actually saying, “Yes, you WILL get the EXACT, BEST, MOST FULFILLING job that you are seeking…but…this one is not it, actually. Keep your faith and you will see, with patience, (sometimes A LOT) of patience, I have the EXACT, BEST, MOST FULFILLING job that was created JUST for you, coming your way!”

This past weekend, my best friend was in town visiting and she said, “Remember that job I found out that I didn’t get the last time I was here visiting you? Remember how you told me that it wasn’t meant to be, but at the time, I was really bummed out? Oh my gosh. I am SOOOO glad I didn’t get that job. It would have taken away time from me and Sam, with this being his last year of pre-school and oh my gosh, I am just so glad I didn’t get that job because it would have just been too busy and crazy and I know I would have looked back and missed this time with Sam, if I would have gotten that job.”

See, God and the universe were actually saying “Yes!” to my best friend…but at the time all she heard was “No.” Now, she has a job that she loves and is perfect for her and her family at this particular point in their lives!

God & the Universe are always saying “Yes!” Yes, to the flowers that bloom every spring, yes to the tree buds that sprout from the branches, yes to the grass that grows, yes to the sun that warms us, yes to the moon that lights the night…whatever it is that you are asking, even though it might not seem like a “Yes!” at first, it is always an unconditional, loving, “Yes!”

Why is it that we are sometimes scared to say, “Yes!” to something? What is it that we are so afraid of in our lives? I’ve noticed when I say “No, not now.” to my family members, it is usually because I’m ‘afraid’ of not having enough time to get all my ‘to do list’ accomplished for the day. Ugh, another sigh. Really?? Makes my stomach turn thinking how wasteful I am actually being with my ‘time’ by letting it pass me by, by trying to mark off my “to do list.”

I’ve witnessed other people say, “No.” to invitations to get togethers or outings because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zones and meet new people, who might be at a social gathering. But, we were all put here on this planet to grow; to evolve. We were not put here to stay inside a shell and only come out when it’s comfortable. And who knows, what if you said, “Yes!” to an invitation at a social gathering where you didn’t know many people, and you happen to sit next to someone who is a publisher for a magazine in which you’ve been trying to get your article featured in for years? What if you sit next to someone who is a nurse or a doctor and knows everything about these mysterious symptoms your child or grandchild are having, and points you in the right direction to heal them? The more we say, “Yes!” to life, I believe, the more life will say, “Yes!” to us and our prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams! (For more on getting out of your comfort zone, visit this blog post in my 21-day Affirmation Cleanse).

I want to be more in line with God & the universe! I want to say “Yes!” more often! Yes to my kids, to my spouse, to my friends, to my parents, to my siblings, to my neighbors, to invitations I receive, to myself AND to life…my life.

This life is obviously moving faster than I prefer, seeing how fast these past few months of spring have already flown by. Our boys are growing WAY too fast and I’d like to spend time with them saying, “Yes!” more often. Even if the yes has to come out like this: “Yes, you can play electronics…but for 30 minutes a day…and you can choose what 30 minutes of your day, you’d like to do that…but once the 30 minutes is up, there are other, and what I think are better, “Yes!” activities for us to do…together!”

I realize it is more challenging than simply saying the word, “Yes!” outloud. Like I stated earlier, I have my own areas I need to work on that actually steered me to write this post. Maybe our starting point, is to begin by becoming more aware of why we are hesitating to say, “Yes!” to someone, to something, to an experience, to an invitation. AND, if we can stop ourselves, and ask ourselves, “Why am I hesitating to say, “Yes.” to this person or this experience, or this invitation?”…we might realize we are living from fear…and not love. And actually, this fearful thought or thoughts we are having, that are associated with saying, “Yes!” to something, are simply that…just thoughts…or illusions, that we are making up in our mind. Yes, illusions. Not real. What IF we said, “Yes?” Can the outcome really be that bad? I don’t think so. In fact, I believe the opposite of bad. I believe that if we start saying a lot more, “Yes!” to life, we will experience miracles everywhere we turn!

So maybe, our next oppotunity, we can stop ourselves and say, “Actually, YES! Yes. Yes. & Yes!”


2 responses to “Yes, Yes, & Yes!”

  1. Cindy Guttery says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it. You can always find a way to answer Yes when it means no for the instant. For every no, there is a yes waiting to sprout in a different form.

  2. Sandie says:

    Love this post! Great reflection to kick off the summer.

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