What to Wear

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What to Wear

Are you one of those girls who has lots of clothes in her closet but nothing to wear???

And do you sometimes feel like coming up with a new outfit feels like figuring out your child’s common core math homework???…(at least for me):  PUZZLING and confusing and straight up harder than it needs to be.

Sometimes getting dressed just feels energy-draining…and makes me want throw in the towel and go veg out on the sofa and watch old episodes of Gossip Girl.   I often experience ups and downs when it comes to getting dressed and sometimes I wonder, “why is this so difficult?”

I’m guessing from time to time, you feel the same way too. So today I’m sharing a few tips for getting inspired and creating new outfits!

1. Audit your closet.
Ugh, I know, right?  Who wants to start a fun fashion tip exercise by cleaning out their closet?  Believe me, it will actually feel ENERGIZING and really good.  Like a REALLY good work out!  Keep the mind-set of ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ kind of thinking process and it might help you get through the exercise…just don’t really tell your boyfriend or husband what the real game plan is!  wink wink.  No but truly, keeping a clean and light closet is completely necessary for creativity.  Start by making piles of what to keep and what to donate.  When things are cluttered and bursting at the seams, it’s not a good environment for brainstorming a fabulous outfit.  Maybe call up an honest friend to help you get rid of things you really should have donated years and I mean, years ago!  ; )  Your closet should be a happy place!

Here are questions to ask yourself as you are cleaning your closet:

Do I love it? •  Is it flattering on me? • Is it age-appropriate? • Is it my style?  • Have I worn it in the past year? • Do I feel good when I wear it? • Do I receive compliments when I wear it? •Does it fit?• Is the color good for my skin tone?  • Does it fit in my lifestyle? • Does it need tailoring and if so, am I really going to have that done? • Would I buy this item today?

2. Take inventory 
Now the fun begins!  While you are cleaning your closet, I recommend taking inventory of what you already own as a way to get inspired.  What I mean by this, is organize your cloest by jackets, jeans, sweaters, tops, etc. This way, you can identify the holes in your wardrobe.  Are you missing some basics, like a pencil skirt, a classic jacket or a great pair of jeans?  Do you need a few “wow” pieces to round out your wardrobe?  Do you have an “orphaned” keeper without any other items to go with it?  Write down a list of your “holes” in your closet so you can start to build your wardrobe with staples pieces.  Make sure you go through your scarves, jewelry, belts and shoes to determine which are keepers and then use them to accessorize and complete your outfits!

3. PIN it up, baby! 
Pinterest is one popular way to not only help get you feeling inspired but it also helps organize what gets your creative motors running.   You can organize your posts into categories like:  running errands outfits, drinks with the girls, date night with the boy, work conference outfits, etc.  I also do things the old school way and tear pages out of magazines. If you’re feeling stuck, pull these images out as general inspiration, or use them to re-create outfits in a more literal way.  This exercise will at least get those fashion muscles warmed up.  (Think of it like using a recipe to cook dinner!)

4.)Wardrobe capsule

Wardrobe capsuling is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion such as a great jacket, a classic skirt, or pants which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.  THIS is HOW you build an exceptional wardrobe and in the long run, will not only save you time in your closet, but will save you money, room in your luggage when you travel and most importantly will make you look like a fashionista without even trying!  And WHO doesn’t love all of that???   I learned how to wardrobe capsule from CAbi.  One of the best things about CAbi is how you can mix and match just 2 or 3 of their items and make a zillion different outfits from just those few staple items from their collection.  In the picture above, you see a mini ‘wardrobe capsule’ from just a few items from  CAbi’s Spring ’15 collection.   From left to right:  Malibu flare jean, olive jacket, nectar jeans, jeanie jacket, paradise cropped jean, all pictured with the Whisper guaze tank.  (Bag from Aldo, shoes from Nordstrom).

5.) Go shopping

I know, I know…it may not really be in your budget right now.  HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:  Shopping doesn’t always have to cost you money.  Go grab a Starbucks (ok, that might cost you $5), and a friend and go window shopping.  I suggest checking out what they have on the mannequins, that can inspire new ways for wearing what you already own.  Just get ideas.  When you get tired of all that window shopping, (because shopping can be exhausting), come home, jump online and browse the latest collection at CAbi.com  You will wonder what took you so long to discover such an amazing company!!

6.) Save like a champ!

Now that you know where the “holes” are in your closet, and you’ve “window shopped” for what you would like to add to your new closet, start saving a little each month so you can begin adding those essential and “wow” pieces to your wardrobe.  Again, CAbi is a great way to start building your new wardrobe.  Their spring clothes are fresh and super stylish!  What I love most about CAbi is how they teach you how to mix and match clothes.  You will find that each season pairs/matches well with previous and future seasons.  Their clothes are also very versatile and can be worn many different ways and the quality is out of this world.  Now that you are creating and building a new wardrobe, you are looking for quality pieces, not necessarily quanity!  This will definietly save you money in the long run!  You want things that last and that don’t go out of style or fall apart in 2 wears.   You don’t have to buy everything at once…again, start with 1 or 2 staple items in their latest collection…and build on it each season.

7.) Your best friend’s closet

While you are busy saving up for your new wardrobe, call up a friend and ask her if she wants to do a clothes swap.  Tell her to bring her drink of choice and have fun shopping in each other’s closet for 3 new staples pieces that you can mix and match with clothes in your own closet…and then agree to swap it back in a week.  Meanwhile, start saving up for just a small shopping budget.  Even just one new piece – like a good, staple jacket -from CAbi, (which happens to be a hot spring trend), can jolt your closet back to life and inspire a week’s worth of new outfits!!

8.)  Plan it!

This is probably the most important tip I can offer:  plan your outfits ahead of time!  Spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon brainstorming for your upcoming week at work, or consider fun events coming up on your calendar such as a coffee date with your girlfriends, a baby shower, kids activities or an important meeting.  Being fashionable does not have to be your top priority in life – in fact, spending a little more time up front can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will eliminate those 20 draining minutes (or if you’re like me…sometimes 30-45 min.) in the morning when you aren’t feeling all that creative or energized.  And if a little planning keeps you from getting in a not so great mood due to all the outfit changes – that’s time well spent in my book…I mean closet!  ; )

As Coco Chanel said,

“Everyday is a fashion show…and the world is the runway.”



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    Ooo…girl…I am all over a closet audit! Thanks for the fashion inspiration.

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