The Affirmation CAN

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The Affirmation CAN

What is in the Goodie box today???

Creating an affirmation can for your children, your family or yourself is a fun way to get everyone excited to start doing affirmations each day! Our children love coming down to breakfast every morning to choose their affirmation out of the affirmation can! What will it be today? It is almost like a special surprise that they look forward to every day!

If you are not familiar with doing affirmations, please see my page on “Why Affirmations?” to get more information on the benefits of using affirmations with your children (as well as yourself). Doing affirmations each day is what inspired me to start this entire blog, Feeding Sparrows.

An affirmation “CAN” is just an idea I came up with to introduce doing affirmations daily with my children. It is a can (or you could use a box, jar, basket, bucket, tin can or fun treat bag) that holds affirmations that you can create (or use mine) for your children to choose and say throughout their day.  I love the name we gave it, because it truly helps instill in your children that they CAN do anything they set their mind out to do!

If you want to make it a lot of fun, take your kiddos to a craft store and have them pick out fun things to decorate their affirmation can. Currently, our family uses one affirmation can to pull daily affirmations from. Your family or children might prefer making their own can individually, with their name on it and own decorations. Whatever works best for you and your family is what you should do!

We actually started out using an affirmation box and after sharing this concept with one of my besties, she decorated a tin can with the phrase, “Think Positive!” on it and I LOVED it! So, thanks to her, I changed our cute box to a this darling can with the same phrase! Our kids thought it was fun that we changed it up! Once again, they teach (or remind me) of things every day…even something as simple as, change is a good thing! ; )

Our family picks out our affirmation at the breakfast table when we are all together and mainly, to start our day off on the right foot! It is so important to start your child’s day (and your day too) with positive thoughts that make them feel good! This truly sets the tone for the rest of their day. If they wake up and get in a routine of saying an affirmation such as, “Today is a great day. I am a wonderful person who is surrounded by lots of friends”, then their day will lead them in the right direction of producing postive experiences!

We also like to go around the breakfast table and say one thing that we are grateful for that day. We do this at bedtime/prayer time too by adding on a few things that happened to us that day that brought us gratitude. When we express gratitude throughout our day, it keeps our minds on the positive track and helps create wonderful moments for us throughout the day. God gives us so much to be grateful for like the Earth, the sun, the moon, the trees, our breath…it is fun to give thanks and show gratitude!

I like to write our affirmations on the chalkboard that we have in our kitchen. That way, we are constantly reminded to repeat it throughout our day. Have your children recite their affirmation to you throughout the day. This not only helps them remember what theirs affirmation is, but the more we say affirmations, the more our conscious and subconscious mind starts to believe what we are saying. It also helps train their mind to choose good thoughts when moving about their day!

As soon as your child is old enough to talk, you can give them a daily affirmation. It is never too early (or too late to teach them positive affirmations). Even something as simple as, “I am great!” or “I am loved!” I am amazed at what our 4 year old picks up with doing his affirmations.

A few weeks ago, his affirmation was, “I am kind to others and in return they are kind to me.” Later that day, I asked him if he remembered what his affirmation was and he repeated it to me. Then, his face lit up and he said, “Mama, I am going to draw a picture for my friend to show him how much I care about him!” I told him that was a great idea. After drawing the picture, he couldn’t wait to give it to him. So, we made a special trip up to his house to give him the picture. The look and excitement on our 4 year old’s face was simply priceless when his friend showed up at our doorstep the next day with a picture made just for him. That picture is now on his bulletin board and he still talks about that special moment.

The other story I love to share is about our 6 year old. He was staying the night at his grandparents house and started to feel homesick when he was going to bed. His affirmation that day was, “All is well. Everything always works out. I am safe.” He told us later, that after saying his affirmation 3 times before falling asleep, he felt so much better. There is no such thing as a coincidence…and it was no coincidence that he happened to pick that affirmation out that day!

So have fun and get creative with your daily affirmation can! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your kids will enjoy doing their positive affirmations each and every day!

AFFIRMATION: I CAN think and speak positively.

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