The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse

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The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse

Mmmmm…doesn’t any “cleanse” sound so refreshing to you? Every where I turn people are talking about some type of 21 day cleanse. Whether it is for nutrition, yoga, meditation, exercise, whathaveyou. I have listened to these cleanses that some of my brave friends are partaking in to some degree and I am inspired by them to say the least. You go with your “new” self, girl! I have to admit, I was a cats whisker away from signing up at our gym for the 21 day evolve cleanse. But, with a vacation to Mexico in my future in just a few weeks, I decided to be realistic with myself and just start watching what I eat a bit better these days. Maybe choose a salad over an enchilada when we go eat Mexican…right?

However, I am inspired to do SOMETHING great for my overall health and I do like a good (for me, realistic), challenge. So, I decided to truly challenge myself AND my kids and make my own 21 day cleanse (up)….and of course, I made it about affirmations! Duh,….what else????

What does it consist of you ask?? Cleansing my thoughts, my stream of self-talk and consciousness of negative affirmations and replacing them with positive thoughts. I’m going to give it my 100% effort to get rid of as much negative self talk; or negative affirmations as I can these next 21 days and see how much better my spirit, my soul, and even my physical self feels on day 21. I’m guessing I’m going to feel like a very “cleansed” and healthy girl. You see, I have found if I decide to change one part of my being; whether that be my mind, my body or my spirit, the other two follow quite nicely. So, I’m starting my 21 day cleanse with my mind! I know my spirit will feel much better after this…and also my physical body!

Before we get started on this 21 day Affirmation Cleanse, let me start by reminding you that an affirmation is anything we say or think. Any thought or any word you say is either a positive or a negative affirmation. Unfortunately, most of us are thinking and saying negative affirmations and we aren’t even aware we are doing it. These negative thoughts are actually keeping us from creating a most wonderful life. We are actually creating and affirming our lives with every thought and word we speak. If you are new to my blog and new to affirmations, please visit my “Why Affirmations?” page to learn more about the power of doing positive affirmations.

By doing positive affirmations, it helps us cleanse our mind of our negative affirmations or stream of negative self-talk and therefore, our consciousness begins to believe what it hears; the good thoughts rather than the negative, no good feeling thoughts. The mind will focus on what you are repeating to yourself (again, good or bad thoughts). Don’t let the negative thoughts have power over you. Choose a positive thought and start changing the direction of your thinking.

These next 21 days I will be working side by side with you to help you on this new journey that WILL change your life IF you really commit yourself to it. Each day I will offer a new affirmation for you to say and “do” throughout your day. Also with each affirmation, I will offer a few ideas on how to incorporate it throughout your day and give you homework to work on that particular affirmation that day. These blog posts will be short (& hopefully sweet), yet will offer you powerful tools to strengthen your “practice” of doing positive affirmations each day in hopes of cleansing your mind more easily of the negative thoughts when they enter. Now, are you ready to start your cleanse?

Just like with any “cleanse,” it is important that you have the proper tools ready when you begin. Please find a small notebook or journal to have handy each morning for these next 21 days, to write down each new affirmation I offer each day as well as to do your “homework” in, if required for the day.

While doing your 21-day Affirmation Cleanse, it is helpful if you keep in mind these important steps below. Please feel free to refer back to them throughout your 21 days of affirmation cleansing.

Lastly, you can do this with your children each day too. This cleanse is to help you develop the good habit of doing positive affirmations. I will offer an affirmation for your children to do each day too, if you would like them to participate with you. Please refer to The Affirmation CAN post for a fun way to get your children excited about doing affirmations, if they are not already doing them! Have fun!!

Here are the steps to help you begin your 21 day cleanse:

Step 1: Awareness
Take a minute to think about the thoughts that you have been thinking today. Louise Hay (who taught me how life changing it is to do affirmations) says, sometimes we have to stop ourselves and ask, “What am I thinking? Is this a thought I want to use to create my life?” Because, our thoughts do create our life, our experiences. Write some of them down on a piece of paper right now. Are they positive thoughts or negative thoughts? Start to become aware of how much the negative thoughts are consuming your mind? Awareness is the first step to change.

Step 2: House keeping
Just like you clean your house and get rid of the dust, dirt and items that don’t serve any purpose to you anymore; begin to cleanse your mind of those negative beliefs or thoughts that are not serving you any (good) purpose. For example, if you have always believed that you can’t exercise because you are “too old”, that is just a thought, a belief, that isn’t serving YOU. Get rid of it. This is your life, you have control over your thoughts more than you realize. Decide today that you are in charge and you will choose which thoughts serve you (good) purpose. Remember to be aware each time a negative thought pops into your mind. Throw it away or sell your negative thoughts in a garage sale to make room for the new.

Step 3: Shop
Did she just say shop??? OMG…I did. However, in this case, I’m referring to shopping for good thoughts Just like you would not go buy some old, ugly, worn out, top that doesn’t fit you in the first place, nor make you feel good or look good, why shop for a thought (negative thought) that makes you feel the same way? Shop your mind, yes your own powerful, amazing, beautiful mind for good feeling, good looking thoughts. A powerful way to practice doing this is by writing down powerful affirmations in a journal to get you started on the right foot and in the right direction. Examples of powerful affirmations can be found in my series, Positive “Kid-firmations”

Step 4: Take charge
Our minds are creatures of habit. Take charge and take action. So with this 21 day affirmation cleanse, eliminate the negative thoughts as quickly as they come, with a positive thought. What I mean by this is catch your negative thoughts before they become entrenched. Do not let the negative thoughts continue to spill into your mind without taking action by eliminating them with positive thoughts. Be diligent about this important process! Don’t let your thoughts have power over you! Remember, it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.

Step 5: Exercise
Oh fooey, she just said I have to exercise. I know, I know…but we all know that exercise is what keeps us healthy. What I mean by this is, make doing positive affirmations a part of your daily “exercise” routine. If you really want to see a change in your life, then just like exercise, you have to do reps to see results. You can’t just do sit ups once and expect to see a six pack when you put on your swim suit. Affirmations are more effective if we repeat them multiple times throughout our day. Cleansing our thoughts and replacing them with good feeling thoughts is “exercise” for our mind, our spirit, our soul. Just like when we exercise our physical body, we are getting rid of all the toxins and sending oxygen to our blood and muscles to keep us healthy. This is the same concept we need to do in order to keep our minds and our souls and spirit healthy; ridding our mind of negative thoughts and replacing those thoughts with healthy, happy thoughts that serve us well!

See you tomorrow for Day 1 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse!

PS Two of my closest friends and I are also doing a 21-day ab challenge. We text each other daily when we’ve completed our own ab workout for the day! It’s very motivational (and waaaaaay more fun) when you do a challenge with a friend. So PLEASE pass this blog post onto your friends…and start cleansing your thoughts TOGETHER today!!



2 responses to “The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse”

  1. Christy says:

    Here’s an affirmation: I love abs! They are the core of my body and soul. One day (perhaps day 21) it will not only “feel” like I have a 6-pack, it will actually look like it!

  2. Jolene says:

    Great idea, Ally. I shall give it a try.

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