Shower Confessional

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Shower Confessional

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that all of my inspirations and great ideas all come to me in the shower.  I step in the shower thinking how grateful I am to even find the time in my day to take a shower and that’s when the ideas appear out of nowhere!

The good energy I get from the peacefulness of my shower just starts flowing and I start to feel inspired.   Sometimes, I find myself wavering on the question, ‘should I get out of the shower this second and write all these great ideas down?’  Yet, I want to stay in this “sanctuary” for more reasons than I can list.  It is refreshing, it is serene, it makes me happy, it smells delicious in here AND it is quiet!  Again and again, day after day, the inspirations, the good thoughts, come to me as fast and as abundant as the water running down my back!

However, it wasn’t always this way.  It was quite the opposite, actually.  My thoughts used to be different when I stepped in the shower.  They used to go something like this:

“Ok, when I get out of the shower, I need to finish the laundry, make lunch, pick up for carpool, then go to piano lessons, then run to the grocery store, and then cook dinner.  Oh great…what are we having for dinner tonight?….Oh geez, add that to my list: look up on internet a fast and easy (wanna be healthy) recipe! Ok and then we need to work on homework and oh yeah, baseball practice…”

It used to be so habitual for me to think like this.  Now my thoughts are the contrary as I enter my water sanctuary.

This is how I believe it all started:  During my pregnancy with my 3rd baby boy, I found myself actually using that built in shower bench that I think I once termed as useless!  Oh silly, silly, me!  I looked forward to my showers every day just to sit down and get off my feet that were carrying one of God’s little miracles.   Honestly, it was just my peace and quiet time for the day, while the sweet sounds of my other 2 children became a little less audible….JUST for 10 minutes.  (Yes, I take a 10 min shower).  It made me so content to do this that while the water was cleansing my body I began thinking about what I was grateful for that day; that moment.

My grateful thoughts started with thoughts like this:  ‘I am grateful for this warm, clean water. I am grateful for the people who built this wonderful shower.  I am grateful for the robe that I am about to put on.’  It started with the simple things to be grateful for each day.  I still always end with, ‘I am so grateful for my health and for my family.’  The more I practiced this little exercise, the more I found each day to be grateful for.  I didn’t necessarily say these things out loud, I just made them my ONLY thoughts for the next few minutes.  (Or until the temperature of the water confirmed my time limit had probably expired and I decided it was best to get on with the day).

These quiet times I had with just me, just my spirit, just my thoughts; no distractions, no noise besides the beautiful sound of the shower water, were such precious moments for me.  What I’m trying to portray, is that after days of doing this same routine, I no longer get in the shower and re visit my to do list!

Now, a year and a half later, I still sit on that bench in the shower and without even being consciously aware I am doing it, I think of ALL the things I have to be grateful for.  That bench not only rests my tired feet from running after 3 sweet, energetic boys, but it cleanses my spirit.  It fills me up with all the good thoughts I need to awaken my soul and make me live again and teaches me how to live more in the moment!  Not the past or the to-do list of my future.  Moreover, sitting on that shower bench also brings back those joyous, God giving memories of when I was pregnant with each one of my babies.  Thinking of that special time makes my heart flutter with overflowing love and warmth.

Because I’ve been faithfully focusing on all the good in my life when I’m in the shower, now I find myself receiving INSPIRING thoughts!  They come to me so quickly, that I have had moments of what I call, ‘juicy joy.’  A feeling one receives when feeling inspired (in spirit).  I not only get out of the shower feeling refreshed, but there are days after getting out of  my shower that I feel like I could go run a marathon and actually still have enough energy to pop in my P90 X workout DVD set!   It is thrilling, to say the least.  It first started with maybe 1-2 inspirational thoughts that came to me.  Now it has increased to at least 5 inspirational thoughts a day.  Once I started to act on these inspirations, the more the creative ideas came my way… and not just in the shower!

I realized by expressing my gratitude to God, to the universe, whatever you want to call it, that in return, God was gratifying me; sending me love in return with these inspirational ideas.  (One which was to create this inspirational blog)!  After all, all we need is love.  That is why I believe we are created; to experience unconditional love and to leave this world a better place than we found it.  When we are feeling true authentic love, we are actually feeling our spirit and our spirit yearns to feel inspired.  This is God speaking to us, telling us why we are here, our purpose, our calling for this life we are living; to live our best life!

What I’m trying to get suggest to you, is maybe try having a “shower confessional” today.  Confess your love for anything you can think of that brings you joy.  IF you are having trouble finding something to be grateful for, start by saying, “I am grateful for my arms that are able to hug my family. I am grateful for each breath I take which keeps me alive!  I am grateful for my eyes which are able to see this beautiful planet God has created for me.  I am grateful I am able to take this shower today.’

Then, I’d actually like you to try confessing your love to yourself.  After all, you are beautiful!  You aren’t here by accident, you are here for a purpose; a reason!  You are original and there is no one else out there like you!  How COOL is that?   By saying these things to yourself, does not make you conceded or arrogant.  I’m talking about authentic love, I’m talking about truth, I’m talking about respecting yourself & self worth!  Remember, you cannot expect anyone else to love you if you do not first love yourself.  Which in return creates happiness…AND everyone wants to be around a happy person!  Only you can find your happiness.  No one else can make you happy.  It is actually just the opposite.

So, the next time you take your shower, think of it as your “Shower Confessional.”  Be grateful in your sanctuary created only for you.    You will truly begin to see miracles come your way!

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  1. Kate K says:

    I love this and needed this today. Was looking for something inspirational to read during my morning prayer/meditation and decided to use your blog for my morning read…so inspiring! Thank you!

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