Postive Kid-firmations Part 2

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Postive Kid-firmations Part 2

Just like I promised!  Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series is here!  If you missed last week’s Positive “Kid-firmations” blog post, please go check it out and get started teaching your children how to use these powerful affirmations to create positive experiences for them throughout their day!  I know you will see some awesome things happen to your children and your relationship with your children when you start practicing doing positive affirmations together!

Speaking of relationships…Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series:  RELATIONSHIPS!

Building relationships is happening all over your children’s world and they don’t even realize it yet.  They are doing this by making friends at the park, at school, at church, in their neighborhood, with their sports involvement and other activities like piano or dance.  They are constantly meeting new people and at the same time, forming and diving deeper into already created relationships.  This is why it is important that our children feel they are loved, worthy and deserving of having harmonious and wonderful relationships with the people they surround themselves with…especially when we are not able to be at their side at every moment (big sigh for me here).

This is the reason why I started this series (Part 1) with self-esteem Positive “Kid-firmations.”   I believe that it all begins with loving ourselves authentically and having self-worth.  If we don’t teach our children to first love themselves because they are special and worthy of love, then they will not fully understand how to allow others to treat them, respect them and love them in return.  Meaning, if we give them the right tools in teaching them how to have self-esteem, they will most likely learn very well, especially as they grow older, which relationships are fulfilling and loving and which relationships are draining, toxic and ones to avoid.

My hope is that from spreading the word about doing positive affirmations with our children, we can raise the next generations to be loving, giving, empathetic and kind individuals and help make this world a more peaceful place to live.  With that being said, here are 25 Positive affirmations for your children to add to their Affirmation Can about relationships.  Again, I would love it if you would contact me via email or leave a comment in this post about how these affirmations are working for you and your children.

Positive Kid-firmations for healthy relationships:

  • I am grateful for all the healthy relationships in my life.
  • I am a good friend.
  • I enjoy treating others nicely.
  • I love and appreciate my family.
  • I participate and bring great things to all my relationships.
  • I am safe in all my relationships. I am always treated well.
  • It is fun to build new friendships with people.
  • I  have an awesome relationship with my parents/sister/brother/grandparents.
  • I attract positive and healthy people into my life.
  • I feel comfortable around other people.
  • I am very good at communicating my feelings with my friends.
  • I have a great relationship with my teacher(s).
  • I enjoy making new friends.
  • I support my friends by being a kind friend to them.
  • My life is filled with loving relationships with trust-worthy people.
  • I look forward to building new relationships on my baseball team/soccer/dance/piano class.
  • My heart is open to love.
  • I accept my friends as they are.
  • It is easy to make new friends.
  • I interact well with my friends.
  • I respect my friends and show this by being a good listener.
  • It is easy to tell the truth in all of my relationships.
  • I am deserving of having good friends.
  • My relationships are strong, filled with love and trust.
  • I am a wonderful person who has wonderful relationships.

I look forward to hearing from you about how these affirmations are making a difference in your children’s lives!  Remember that affirmations work best when used in present tense, repeated often, said aloud, written down, believable and if possible, kept short!

Stayed tuned for Part 3 in my Positive Kid-firmations on Health!

Today’s affirmation:  I support my friends and encourage them to do their best!









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