Mission…TOTALLY possible!

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Mission…TOTALLY possible!

This morning I overheard our 7 year old telling our 5 year old,

“Oh that would be IMPOSSIBLE!”

I don’t know what they were referring to, as they were just coming down the stairs, but I found it hard to hold back my next comment,

“Actually honey, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and trust in God. Remember the quote we have above our kitchen window, buddy? It says, ‘With God, all things are possible.’

“Really Mom?? Anything is possible?”

“Yes buddy, ANYTHING is possible!”

“Well, how exactly? Why is there even a word, “impossible” if nothing is impossible.”

“Good question, buddy…good question.”

In order to prove to my children that nothing is impossible, I searched the web for some inspirational stories and this is one that I found that left them believing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! It shows not only how anything is possible, but this video displays TRUE. UNCONDITIONAL. LOVE. Afterall, isn’t that ALL we need? All we need is love…(which is what God is)…and truly, anything IS possible…if you believe in yourself!

After showing the video to our 2 older sons, our 7 year old shed some tears, because of the love the older brother showed for his younger brother. Our 5 year old then said to our 7 year old after that, “Come on, let’s go play together…because WE are brothers…and we love each other.” My tears got bigger as my heart smiled as big as the sky. Not only had that story taught them that ANYTHING is possible, it also taught them how deep a brotherly love can go…thank you Conner and Cayden. You’ve touched more people than you’ll ever know!

I hope I get to meet Connor and Cayden someday soon, with my boys. I’m so inspired by them! And more importantly, so are my children!!! Share this video with your children and your family. What an inspiration!

Affirmation: I am not limited by my past thinking. I am open to learning new things every day. Mission…TOTALLY possible!

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