How to have a Happy Day

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How to have a Happy Day

I am a big believer in how you start your day will set the tone for the rest of your day…and possibly your week.  It begins with the very first thoughts you begin to think BEFORE your feet even hit the deck!

The way you choose to start your day mentally can be just as important as eating a healthy breakfast (even if it’s a smoothie or protein shake) and brushing your teeth every morning!  Just like your body needs the fuel from your breakfast to give you energy for the rest of the day, your mind needs to be fed healthy thoughts to start the day off right as well!

Here are some tips on how to begin your day so that it can be a happy day with wonderful experiences!

  1. As soon as your eyes open and your mind awakens from sleep, SMILE as you realize it’s a brand new day, a fresh start, a new beginning and know that ANYTHING is possible!
  2. Be GRATEFUL!!!  Come up with 3 things that you are grateful for and if you feel comfortable, say them out loud to get that positive energy out into your day and the world!  My favorites are: “Thank you for my home that provides us shelter everyday.” And “I am grateful for my health.” Also, “Thank you for the gift of our children.”  If you are just having one of those days where you can’t seem to think of anything you’re grateful for, start with “I am grateful for my breath…as it means I am alive!”
  3. Choose 2-3 positive affirmations to start your day and say them out loud if you feel comfortable (again, all before your feet hit the floor).  These are my favorite affirmations to start my day, but feel free to choose your own.  “Today is going to be a wonderful day!”  “There is plenty of time today to get every accomplished on my list! Time expands for me.”  “Opportunities surround me everywhere I go.”   Keep your positive affirmations short and simple so that you can say them throughout your day.
  4. If you are like me and check your email or Facebook on your phone before you get out of bed, try subscribing to a positive website, blog, or daily newsletter that provides positive and inspirational readings and teachings.  Whatever you do, DO NOT start your day off reading or watching the news.  If you can, try to eliminate that from your daily routine…especially before you go to bed!
  5. Close your eyes for 3 min (everyone has 3 min) and do some deep breathing.  While breathing in, count to 5 slowly and then breathe out for 6 seconds.  Then the next breath, breathe in for 6 seconds, breathe out for 7 seconds and so on.  Once you get good at this, add in 1 positive (preferably short) affirmation while doing your breathing exercises.  The results will be so rewarding as you make this your daily routine!  I like to say in my mind as I do my breathing exercises, “I am love.” And “I am peace.”  This helps keep my mind from wondering, attracts positive energy and helps create joy in my heart. 

Let’s face it, TODAY is the only day we are guaranteed, so make it you BEST day yet!  I believe that if you implement a positive daily morning routine every day, you’ll begin to witness wonderful experiences!  

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, so make TODAY a wonderful, HAPPY day! 

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    Great ideas for ways to start the day!

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