Golf Tournament Champion

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Golf Tournament Champion

The Power of Intention….is a powerful thing!


My brother recently got married.  He is an avid golfer and his love for the game is rubbing off on my oldest son…even all the way from California!  For his rehearsal dinner, my parents appropriately hosted it at a gorgeous country club overlooking the beautiful scenery Palm Springs provides.  What is a rehearsal dinner at a country club without a mini putt-putt tournament, right?  Our family would have it no other way!

When our oldest son got wind of this mini “golf tournament” as he coined it, he told the entire universe about it!  Every where we went, it didn’t matter if we were in the restroom at Target or having a playdate with our friends, in the grocery store line or music class, everyone was fully informed of our little “golf plans” the weeks leading up to the wedding.  I shouldn’t even say ‘our‘ golf plans…I mean, ‘his’ golf plans.  His teacher knew, our neighbors knew, pre-school parents that I only knew their child’s name, knew.  It didn’t matter who you were, he was going to tell you about it!  Even strangers on the car rental bus on the way to the airport knew:

“Where are you headed, young man?”  These strangers asked him on the bus.

“I am going to play golf with my Uncle!  We are going to win the tournament!”

(Nevermind the anticipated wedding of the century we were headed to of his uncle’s).  In his little mind, all that mattered was that he and his uncle were going to play golf together…for this is what Uncle Chris had told him…just a few times!

We arrive in California, as I’m sure you can guess by now, he greets Uncle Chris with a huge hug and asks:

“When are we going to play golf?  I have been waiting for this day my whole life!”

Remember how slowly time passed as a child?  Waiting for this little golf tourney was beginning to feel like waiting for Christmas for our oldest child.  The excitement of this “game” was almost unbearable for him.

“Soon enough kiddo, soon enough!  I’m really looking forward to it too, buddy.  Have you been practicing?”

“Well, kind of.”  our oldest replies…almost under his breath.

It was almost as if this thought had never occurred to him to be practicing.  He had simply been shouting it from the roof tops…or should I say, he had simply been intending it from the rooftops that he and my brother were going to win the tournament.  AND…when you have the power of intention on your side, who needs to practice?…

The rehearsal dinner was elegant and special.  My brother and sister in-love’s closest friends and family were all together in one room celebrating two amazing, loving, magnetic people.  As they say, ‘love was truly in the air’…you could just feel the energy of everyone’s happiness and excitement.  I didn’t want the night to end…little did I know, it was just beginning!

After dinner, the time had finally arrived.  The moment our oldest boy had been waiting for, for months and months was finally here!   This is how I remember it:

I had taken our oldest 2 boys outside to the putting green to get them all set up with “the big boys” aka:  my brother’s posse of golf fanatic/friends.  They took a few practice putts and then our middle son tells me he has to use the restroom.  I head inside and assist him to the facilities and on my way back to the patio door, I see a few extended family members who want to catch up.  The next thing I know my brother comes flying through the door and jolts me out of my conversation and says,

“You will NOT believe what your son just did!  It was our turn to putt and we needed him to make the putt to win that round to get to the next round and I lined him up just right and said, ‘You can do it, buddy.’ and it was a 8 foot putt and he nailed it!”

The enthusiasm in his voice was caaarazzzy awesome!  What really made my heart burst with joy in that very moment was witnessing my brother’s excitement.   To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen my brother this excited about something in my entire life and my brother is a VERY animated spirit.  He went on,

 “You should have heard the crowd and all of us!   Everyone just roared and jumped up and down and it was a moment I will NEVER EVER forget…it was probably one of the coolest moments of my life!  I can’t believe you missed it!  It was seriously electrifying!”

I still get teary just thinking of my brother’s explanation of the moment.  And it’s not because I feel like I ‘missed it.’   I had not missed ANYTHING.  Not one single thing.  In fact, I know it was God who escorted me to the bathroom with our middle son.  Just as it was God who implanted the family members in my path on my way back out to the putting green, just so ‘I wouldn’t miss a thing.’  

Yes, watching that moment of our oldest son making essentially, “a hole in one” to win the round with everyone watching, would have been such a proud moment for me.  But actually, hearing and watching the excitement in my brother’s voice and being able to feel his love and pride and now, true connection with our son, could have never been felt, had I witnessed that moment for  myself.  I LOVE how God works in mysterious ways.

The knowing that I had within me as my brother was telling me this story is indescribable.  It’s as if I KNEW this moment was always going to happen.  It’s like it wasn’t a shock to me whatsoever that he had made that 8 foot putt in front of a crowd, right when he needed to the most!   It’s was like, a no brain-er.  Of course he nailed that shot.  And it’s not because I am just being his proud, boastful mom.  It is because, he has been intending this moment for months and months and he has been sharing it with the universe, literally, for months and months.  Little guy didn’t even know that he was using his power of intention to create a moment that he and his uncle (and my hubby and me) will always remember for the rest of his life…!   But, he did and I intend to teach him about his little big use of the power of intention.  He believed in himself, he believed in the moment, he knows and believes in God and together, it all happened the way he dreamed it would.

After all, life is all just about the moments we make!   I mean, just look at bubba bear’s face in that picture!  It’s priceless!

Now I am being that boastful, proud, mama bear.  We all have the power.  If we all just believe!

AFFIRMATION:  I can imagine anything I want to and make it my reality!

PS. That is my cute hubby in the background, wearing shorts, (holding his drink) and not ‘missing a thing,’ either! ; )

photos taken by simkophoto



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