From one season to the next…

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From one season to the next…

It’s that time again…for my Friday Fall Favs!  I know I said this last week, but this post is literally for all you hot mama’s out there!

It’s that weird ‘time of year’ where I am sick of my summer clothes and ready to wear fall clothes…but not sure a.) that I’m up for “sweating it out” in my fall attire and b.) is it appropriate to rush right into the fall attire when it is still 97 degrees outside???

To help me with this mini-dilemma, I teamed up with professional fashion stylist, Melissa Brace Oliver, owner of The Butterfly Effect.  Some of her clients include Jen Plas from the “Hey, It’s Jen”  Shawnee Mission Kia commercials and winner of Survivor Guatemala 2005, Danni Boatwright Wiegmann.  Melissa showed me that it is possible to ease into fall by doing this fun little concept:

Take a summer dress from your closet and just add a few fall layers.  In this shot, we added a lacey long sleeve shirt, denim jacket and threw on a belt with cute booties to boot!  hehe!  What a perfect way to walk right into fall!…if you don’t step in dog doo-doo…like me in the above pic!

If I can do this fashion trick…anyone can do it!  And you can do this with your kids’ outfits too!  So have fun this weekend making that cute summer dress a fun, fall, fashion statement!!

Pssst…stay tuned for some fun fashion giveaways in the next couple of weeks!  I’m beyond excited to share them with you!!

Affirmation:  I approach all change with ease.  The old experiences unfold into wonderful new experiences.  It is easy for me to deal with change.  Life is good and I feel good!

Dress:  Sitzmark Boutique at Trendz
Denim jacket: Sitzmark Boutique at Trendz
Heart necklace:  The Butterfly Effect
Lacey long sleeve shirt:  Sitzmark Boutique at Trendz
Belt:  Sitzmark Boutique at Trendz
Booties:  Frank Sarto


For more tips and fashion tricks on how to transform your wardrobe, visit to get stylin’ with The Butterfly Effect!

*Trendz Market is a local boutique co-op located in Leawood, Kansas. To shop at Sitzmark boutique, you can find them here:

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