Friday’s Fall Favs

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Friday’s Fall Favs

I love the Fall.  It is my favorite season.

#1  Fall clothes

#2  College Football

#3  Fall clothes

This post is for all you hot Mama’s out there!

Since it’s Labor Day weekend…we should all take a little break ourselves and do something that makes us feel good!  Labor Day is a great excuse anyway…right???

If you’re like me, then you feel a whole lot better when you are “fully dressed.”   Believe you me, there are lots of days when I don’t feel like putting on my make-up and dressing all cute.   Sometimes I may not even hit the shower until 3pm.   That’s just how busy life can get, as you know with kids.  We tend to put ourselves last, as parents…it’s just something that we do.

I’m thinkin’ that maybe I should work on this a little.  Yes, I am a mom and always put my kiddos first, but maybe work on lovin’ on me a little bit too.  After all, I feel so much better when I put on make up and actually get dressed in something kinda fun.  (I think my hubby probably appreciates it too!)  ; )  When I feel good about myself, I’m pretty sure I am probably a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, what have you…

These are my Fall favs!!  I am excited to share them with you and maybe inspire you to do what makes you feel your best…whatever that is!  If nothing else, treat yourself to a little something today to get your weekend started off right.  Whether that is painting your nails that stylin’ Butter nail polish in my post, buying a new mascara, sippin’ a latte from Starbucks or even just taking a nap.  Pick just 1 thing to do for yourself this weekend, Mama!  You deserve it and truly, it makes us better mommies when we feel good and authentically love ourselves!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!  Oh and, I’d love to hear what one thing you did (or three) for yourself this weekend…please share in the comments section!

Gotta run!  That fur hat is calling my name…

AFFIRMATION FOR MY HOT MAMA’S:  My day begins with gratitude and joy.  I love who I am and all that I do.  I am a loving expression of life!

Polish:  (Butter) @ Nordstrom
Black boots:  H&M
print jeans:  Nordstrom
Scarf:  Nordstrom
Leather  jacket:  Maurice’s
Fur  hat:  Dorothy Perkins
Collar:  H&M
Black shirt:  Dorothy Perkins
Denim shirt:  H&M

(Happy Birthday Hilary! Not a day goes by that you aren’t in our thoughts.  We know you are always here with us.  We love you!)



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