Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher

I was giving our boys a bath the other night and our 4 year old said, “Mom, when I was over at Joe’s house he had this thing hanging from his wall with feathers on it and he said that it keeps away all the bad dreams…can I get one of those?”

I knew right away what he was talking about because I remember being young and seeing a dream catcher at a few of my friends’ houses and wanting one for my room too.  I told him that I would be happy to start looking for a dream catcher in the next week or so…but, if you know our 4 year old, you know he is a persistent little sparrow.

Hence my ‘dreaming up’ how to make our own little dream catchers…DIY style!

Do dream catchers really work, you ask?  Well, so far so good over in this dreamland…but you can decide for yourself!

And if you’re a little curious about the meaning behind a dream catcher…here is what I now know about it:

A dream catcher is made up (normally, ha) of a wooden hoop containing a web-like design in the middle.  At the bottom of the hoop it contains 2 or more dangling feathers.  The web can also contain beads.  It was originally designed by the Ojibwe Tribe to protect their infants from having bad dreams in the night.  The dream catcher was created to catch all the good and the bad dreams.  However, only the good dreams could filter through the web and down the feathers to the head of the infant.  The bad dreams were caught in the web until the sun came up and the morning dew dissolved the all the bad dreams caught in the web. 

Sounds good to me!  And so…if you are crafty or you too have a persistent little sparrow…here is a possible solution for you!  Have fun!  We had a blast making these over the weekend!

Supplies you will need:

  • paper plate
  • hole puncher
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • feathers
  • beads


  1. Start by cutting a hole in the center of your paper plate, leaving the outside rim about 2 inches all around.
  2. Next take your paper plate and hole puncher and punch holes about every 3/4 inch or so apart.
  3. Take out yarn and measure about 5 ft and cut it.  Tie one end of the yarn and pull the rest through a hole in your paper plate.
  4. Pull the yarn down to the opposite hole on your plate and pull the yarn through that hole.
  5. Next add a bead to the end of your yarn and then take your yarn up and through another punched hole of your choice.
  6. Continue to weave the yarn up or over to the rest of the punched holes, adding beads as you please, until you have gone through each hole and it looks somewhat like a web.
  7. Once you have weaved your yarn through each hole, tie a knot at the end of your yarn to hold it in place on the paper plate.
  8. Next cut three pieces of yarn about 6-7 inches long and tie them each to three holes at the bottom of your plate.  (Or you can do one hole on the bottom and one hole on either side of the plate so that your holes are at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock).
  9. Select any beads you would like and add them to the three pieces of yarn and tie a not after adding your last bead.
  10. Pick out three feathers and tie each feather to the bottom of each piece of yarn.
  11. Cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long and loop it through a top hole on your plate for your dream catcher to hang
  12. Hang your dream catcher above where your little one sleeps and welcome each and every sweet dream that comes their way!

Affirmation:  My dreams are all gifts from the divine.  Each one a blessing, meant for me to manifest and enjoy.

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