Dream Big

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Dream Big

DREAM BIG! That sign is in our front garden…I smile every time I look at it! I know my kids notice it and read it daily and those words are planting little seeds in their blossoming brains. 

Our oldest son set a goal earlier this summer, made a plan with steps to achieve it and a vision board and dreamed big and achieved his goal! 

He wanted to try out for an academy baseball team. He dreamed about it for 9 months. We talked about it a lot for the first several months. Then as time got closer, we sat down with him and discussed how he could reach his goal…if he set up a plan with action steps.  

The three of us together wrote down his action plan. We wrote down daily steps he would need to do and discussed with him the importance of discipline when reaching for a goal.  

Then a few days later, I had him (and his little brothers) create a vision board. I cannot tell you how powerful creating a vision board is when you have a goal or a desire you would like to see manifest. I have created so many of these in my life and I have to keep creating new vision boards because the ones I create, the goals and dreams that I desire always manifest in some form or another.  AND they don’t always manifest how I imagined they would….they always arrive BETTER than I ever dreamed they would!! 

Our son, worked hard every day for 8 weeks on his action plan. He checked off his daily to-do steps.
Most importantly, what I know and what I witnessed daily from him was that he believed in his heart that he would make his goal come true. 

And that my friends is what I think manifested his dream into a reality more than anything else.  And, so quickly!

 He. Believed. In. Himself. 

And if you don’t have that frame of mind, then you don’t have the right blueprint to create your dream or manifest your goals.  

It would be like trying to make an apple pie with oranges, or designing a building without a pencil or pen to write down the correct meausurents….or trying out for baseball with a game plan for basketball. 

 If you don’t have the right tools, it’s never going to manifest they way you would like it to. You have to have the correct tools and the most important tool is your MIND!  You have to BELIEVE that YOU CAN DO IT! 

So he went to try-outs for three days and kept his goal in his mind through it all. He admits, some days of try outs were better than others. But one thing his dad and I witnessed was his attitude of “I know I can do this!” And “I can do anything I put my mind to.” And “Where there is a will, there is a way.” 

He never lost sight of his goal, his dream. 

 He was ready in his mind. He truly had already made the team in his mind waaaaaaaaaay before try outs. 

When we received the email that he made the team, I cried happy tears and immediately screamed his name and told him the news. He came over (fairly) calmly and said, “YES! I knew I would, Mom. I don’t know why you are acting so excited!”

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the lessons he learned in that journey. Most importantly, I know he accomplished his goal because he BELIEVED that he could. 
He has said many times to us since that day he found out he made the team, that he still cannot believe he set a goal, made an action plan and achieved his goal in eight weeks.  We do remind him (softly) that sometimes we don’t always reach our goals but the importance is that we keep on trying and adjusting our sails.  

However this lesson would have turned out for him (and us), we know we are teaching him and his brothers good habits. 

In the end, he taught us more than we taught him!

Sooooo….all of you out there reading this post….(thank you) and….

Start now. You can do anything! Dream big. Believe in yourself! Set goals. Make an action plan. Create your vision board with confidence! Start now.

3 responses to “Dream Big”

  1. Nana says:

    Ally……you are so on target to teach setting goals at this age and the power of a vision board and visualizing the success. You have taught all 3 boys the power of “I am” and it shows is everything they do!! I love the above “Chance of Success” Every child needs to learn that!

    P.S. let’s not forget the part “Nana’s Work Out Camp” played in Carter’s and his cousin, Simon’s sports goals this summer LOL

  2. Jolene says:

    Great Job! You have a gift telling stories and inspiring. Keep up the good work. Love reading.

  3. Brandi says:

    Believe. Achieve. Succeed. Way to go Carter!!! So proud of you! Allyson, you are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this awesome story.

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