Day-9 in the 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-love & healing

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Day-9 in the 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-love & healing

Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


This is a challenging affirmation for a lot of us. Our culture has taught us that only medicine can heal our bodies. While I believe medicine is great, I also believe it is not the only answer.

If we really go within ourselves and listen to our soul and spirit, we will realize the incredible power we have to help heal our bodies.

You are strong. You are extra-ordinary. Extra-ordinary means that you have an extra-ordinary power within you to create harmony in your body. Harmony equeals health…on every level; mind, body, soul.

We have healing abilities that we are not even aware that we have. Believe in yourself. Believe in your spirit and your soul. Believe in your power. Believe in your power to heal.

In the book, “The Course of Miracles,” it says “a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” Marianne Williamson, an author of the book, “Return to Love” says that “when our hearts are closed off, we are ‘deflecting the miracle which would otherwise be happening.'”

Let’s try opening our hearts to loving our bodies. ALL parts of our bodies. Whether we are healthy or needing to be healed, it is vital that we authentically learn to love ourselves; our whole self. Our bodies are more receptive of a miracle if our hearts our are open to receive the love.

I use medicine when necessary. But, I also believe and know the power I have within me to heal my body.

Doctors and medicine helped save my mom’s life. However, I believe my mom’s belief in her power to heal herself played a HUGE role in her cancer not spreading…not even to 1 single lymph node. Believe in yourself! You came from God. And God is only love, not fear.

I often tell my 3 sweet boys, “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

And the word, “anything” includes everything…which includes, healing!

Remember it is just a thought, and a thought can be changed!

I heard a story about an Australian mom who brought her newborn, premature baby back to life (after her doctor declared him dead), by simply holding him skin to skin. The doctors and staff say that they tried for 20 minutes to get him to breathe and had no luck. So they handed the baby over to the mom to say her goodbyes. The mom unwrapped the blanket from the baby and held him skin to skin. Within seconds the baby began to show signs of life. He began to gasp for air and eventually took breastmilk from her finger. They tried to call the doctor back twice and the doctor sent back a midwife to tell the parents that it was just a reflex. She held him for 2 hours. He survived. Medical doctors cannot explain what happened. When the doctor finally came back and heard the baby’s heartbeat, he said, “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.” (See? He was affirming that he didn’t believe). The mom says she just practiced the term, “kangaroo care” where the baby feels the warmth, smell and heartbeat of the mom, like a baby kangaroo does in the pouch. I believe this was a miracle. I believe it has something to do with love and believing. The mom chose love rather than fear. Miracles do happen and can happen if we keep our hearts open. We have to start with believing.

Your homework for today: Write this affirmation down 5 times in your journal. Say it out loud seven times. Now, go find a mirror and say it 7 times out loud in the mirror. I know, I know, it feels so dorky, but I promise it is so incredibly powerful. What do you have to lose? You are worth it and you deserve health, happiness and love!

Children’s affirmation of the day: My body heals perfectly.

Happy Friday, Cleansing buddies!


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