Day 3 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–self acceptance

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Day 3 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–self acceptance

Day 3 Affirmation:


I was at our weekly “playdate” with my besties the other day (which usually falls on a Thursday afternoon and usually involves a glass of wine), when the topic of self-worth, self-love and what I call, self-acceptance came up.

We all had our stories about our insecurities and we talked about how challenging it can be for children when they are being teased or bullied at school, whether they have self-worth or not. Our conversation only confirmed to me once again that we need to teach our children to love and accept themselves at a very early age.

This is not something that I feel can just be taught once and it works miraculously. This is something that I feel we can teach early on and then continue to work on it throughout our lives. However, if we help plant the seeds in our children early and often, that they ‘are perfect exactly the way God created them, they are God’s masterpiece, they are unique and there is not another being in this world like them,’ this at least helps build their self-worth, self-acceptance and their self-confidence to help get them through the moments when they feel not good enough.

Even now when I catch myself comparing myself to someone else, I replace the thought with, “I love and accept the person God made me to be.” This affirmation brings me back to positive thoughts about the divine creature I am meant to be. God didn’t create us to be someone we are not. Otherwise, He would have created us to be that “someone that we are not.” God created us exactly how we are meant to be and it is up to us what choices we want to make with our life.

Do we want to make the choice to be happy with who we were created to be? Or do we want to make the choice to be unhappy with who we were created to be? Either way or either choice, will create the experience that matches our thoughts. IF you feel that you aren’t worthy of being respected, you will attract people who disrespect you. Our feelings reflect our thoughts, and our thoughts have an effect on the choices we make. Having no self-worth, no self-acceptance, no self-respect for yourself, will only bring into your life, people who disrespect you.

You came from divine love, from God who is love. You are a piece of God, a mere extension of God’s love. We must remember that we are one with God and see God inside of us all. This keeps our ego’s in check. By choosing to authentically love ourselves and have self-worth, we are choosing God…the one one who created us out of pure love, over our ego. We must not let our ego have power over us.

I think one of the biggest hurdles most of us have a hard time overcoming in regards to self-worth, is making the opinions of others less important than our own opinion of ourselves. If we learn to authentically love and accept ourselves and the person God created us to be, then we will no longer compare ourselves to the beautiful, younger, skinnier, smarter, richer, ‘appears to have it all together’, person. We will not let their opinion of us take precedence over our own. We won’t let others define who we are. Until we learn this challenging task, we wlll remain in a space of “not good enough,” which is not what God created us to be…at all.

Soooooo, to get there, to learn how to love and accept the person God created us to be, we have to do the “mental work.” Sound familiar??? Good. That means you have been doing your homework from yesterday! A+ so far!

Our “mental” homework is just starting. So let’s get the hard stuff out of the way first. Louise Hay talks about how powerful an affirmation is when you look yourself in the mirror and say it. I know, I know, Whaaaaat? Are you thinking of quitting on me already? Please stay with me. It sounds so dorky or maybe narcissistic…but it will actually be very powerful for you. It will feel awkward at first, but once you do it a few times, it will feel easier.

For me, when I started this whole mirror thing, I had an ah-ha moment. After a few days of doing it, I realized that I was talking to the soul inside of my physical body, whe deserves love and came from love and is love. Rather than the brunette, blue-eyed girl I usually talk to with my thoughts.

Let’s be realistic and start small.

Here’s your homework: Let’s try saying it once in the morning, mid day and evening before you go to bed…out loud and yes, in front of the mirror. Write down in your journal the same amount. At the end of the day, write a few notes on how you felt when you looked in the mirror and said this affirmation. There is no wrong way to feel. Our feelings will help us realize what mental work we may need to work on. You can do it!

Children’s affirmaton: I am unique and special, just the way God made me.

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!

PS. My English teachers always tried to talk to me about my “run-on” sentences. But, THOSE are just another thing that makes me unique and special!! ; )


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