Day 2 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–commitment

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Day 2 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–commitment

Affirmation of the day:

My husband read in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month about how something like 60% of people give up on their new year’s resolutions within 6 months. I related with the article, knowing I used to be one of those people. These last 5 or so years, my husband suggested I write goals for my new year, rather than basically coming up with unrealistic resolutions. Resolutions such as ‘lose 30 pounds, exercise daily, drink less” (red wine I hear is good for us though, right?) usually won’t make it past week 3 in our new year if we aren’t willing to make a mental change or mental commitment. And when we make commitments, it usually means we have to “show up.”

This is why I chose the above affirmation about “commitment” today. Rather than setting ourselves up for failure by taking on huge new year’s resolutions like “no more candy” or “exercise 5-6 times a week,” (when maybe exercise hasn’t ever been a part of our lives in the past & going cold turkey on candy makes us “hangry” as my friend likes to call it)…why not make small commitments to change the way we are thinking about our lives? Why not make a list of our 2013 commitments we would like to accomplish, but keep them reasonable and make mental goals to “show up.” Small and manageable steps make for big change. Just like training for a marathon. You start your training by running a mile or two and by the end, you’ve trained and committed yourself (and your body) to run 26.2! (BTW, for all you marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, Lance Armstrong-serious-cyclist-peeps: You go with your awesome-self! I am a really good cheerleader, if you need one!)

By having commitments rather than resolutions, we have to make a plan for our commitment. If we really want to succeed at our commitment we have agreed to do, a true mental plan would pretty much secure our spot in the medal ceremony.

So with this affirmation above, you are declaring your commitment to changing your thinking; your mental patterns; your belief system; your consciousness. I heard pastor Rick Warren say on Oprah, that “our consciousness is the way we talk to ourselves.”

This affirmation is very powerful for this early in our 21-day Affirmation cleanse, because it means taking responsibility for your thoughts. You are the only one who has control over your thoughts. This is where we need to begin in order to see change in our lives.

Homework: Write down this affirmation 5 times in your journal. After writing down 5 times, say it out loud 5 times. Notice how you feel after you have written down and said this affirmation out loud. Are you resisting the “commitment” word in the sentence? Or are you excited about this new endeavor? Either feeling is good. Jot down at the bottom of your page of Day 2 affirmation how your mind, body and emotions are feeling after doing all of your homework for day 2.

For extra credit, write down 2 other “commitments” that you would like to achieve in the year 2013. And if you are like my husband and his friends, ‘play more golf in 2013’ doesn’t count! Sorry. ; )

This is going to be fun!!! See you tomorrow! Happy Friday, friends!

Affirmation for your children: This year 2013, I am ready for new experiences!


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