Day 11 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-gratitude

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Day 11 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-gratitude

Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


What is the first thing you do or think about when you wake up?

Do you rush out of bed in a frenzy to get the kids fed and off to school, all the while raising your voice like a drill sergeant only to leave you with feelings of guilt and anguish for how your morning started? Or do you begin your day with thoughts of gratitude for your blessings, leaving you feeling refreshed, joyful and eager to start the new day?

Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude can make a huge difference in how your day proceeds. As more of your thoughts and words become positive, you’ll start attracting more & more positive experiences.

By expressing gratitude, it helps create positive energy inside you that radiates out into the world around you and in return, helps create wonderful experiences for you. This is when good things start to happen everywhere you turn. People will begin to gravitate toward you because you’re so refreshing to be around. They want to inhale the energy you emanate so they too, can feel the way you are now feeling…which is joyful.

An attitude of gratitude is so powerful because it helps create a shift within us. It’s like it opens our eyes and shows us an entirely new way to view the world. It expands our vision to seeing solutions rather than just the problem, allowing us to be more open to challenges, and helping us make better decisions.

Some days, my kids wake me up (sometimes sweetly and other times not so sweetly) before I get a chance to say my gratitude affirmation of, ‘Thank you, God for my blessings.’ When this happens, I try to say my gratitude affirmation as I’m walking to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. This actually helps me tune out any whining that may or may not be coming from the kids that particular morning. ; ) It truly helps set the tone for my day! My kids totally pick up on my energy and usually if I’m showing gratitude and joy, they are more likely to do the same! I’ve seen my energy change their energy lots of times…good & bad.

Being grateful and focusing on all the blessings you have in your life helps bring more of those wonderful blessings into your life. So starting our day off with gratitude, helps us stay in a positive, grateful attitude, which in return, helps bring joyful experiences throughout our day.

Homework for today: Write down today’s affirmation 5 times in your journal. Say it outloud 5 times and throughout your day. Before you go to bed, say it 5 times as well. As you do this, smile and visualize how your day will start tomorrow…with an attitude of gratitude. For extra credit, make up your own gratitude affirmation that you will now make a part of your morning routine. Simply, “thank you” is a wonderful and powerful way to start each day!

Children’s affirmation of the day: I am grateful for my friends and family.


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