Day 1 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–change

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Day 1 of The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse–change


Ok, first thing is first. Write this affirmation down 10 times in your journal or Affirmation notebook right now. Actually, I don’t care where you write it, just writing it down a few times anywhere, is very powerful.

When we write an affirmation down about our life, we are affirming and creating what we want in our life. The more we write something down, the more our subconscious and conscious mind takes it in and believes it and eventually, knows it.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I have a low pain tolerance. I am in awe of my mom and childhood friend, Melissa who have high pain tolerances. This means, I feared child labor. My first child’s labor was awful and actually, the entire experience was just like I had imagined and feared it would be; awful. (See how my thoughts created my future on that one?)

By the time I became pregnant with my second child, I was just getting my feet wet on positive thinking, changing how I looked at life, and the fact that my thoughts actually created my experiences. So, I began thinking about and even found myself saying out loud to my husband, my mom, my sister, anyone who asked actually, exactly how labor was going to go the 2nd time around; smoothly. So did it, you ask? Fantastic. Piece. Of. Cake. Not perfect, but pretty darn close to a perfect experience!

Ok. Ding. Ding. Ding. Round 3. By our third pregnancy, I was well aware of how powerful my thoughts were in creating my experiences. I was prepared and had just started learning about affirmations…but I was far from a perfect practicing affirmation student. I simply had read about doing positive affirmations and that was about it. Well, time was drawing near for the arrival of our 3rd little sparrow and THIS TIME…I wrote EXACTLY and I mean, EXACTLY how I wanted my child labor experience to go. I still have the piece of paper that I wrote it on in my bathroom vanity drawer. Today, when I read it, it still makes me smile. It’s as if I wrote about the experience I had AFTER the experience had already happened. Someday, I will explain this experience in more detail. For now, my point is that my experience of child labor (the 3rd time around) was all that I had “dreamed” it would be. Honestly, it went more smoothly than even I imagined it would. My husband still shakes his head about how mind boggling crazy-wonderful our labor experience was with our 3rd child. He knew all along that I wrote my experience down how I wanted it to go…which made it all the more mind boggling crazy-good for him to think about how perfect it went for us. We are talking down to the details, wonderful. When, what day, how long, which doctor, how, the weather, etc. Simply perfection. Simply, dream come true.

So, your homework for today is this: Write down your new affirmation, ‘I AM OPEN AND WILLING TO CHANGE’ 10 times, 3 times today. If you aren’t great at math, this means by the end of the day, you will have written this new affirmation, 30 times. Write it 10 times now, 10 times in the middle of your day, and 10 times near the end of your day. I know it is only the 1st day of our cleanse and your homework seems like a lot. It will get easier if you stay with it!

If you are starting to practice affirmations with your children too, here is today’s affirmation for children:

Children’s affirmation: ‘I enjoy trying new things’

Please see my blog post The Affirmation CAN to learn about fun ways to teach your children the power of thinking positively.


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