Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored

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Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored

“Mom…I’m bored!”

Yup…it’s Summa-time! And this is the expression that we hear oh I don’t know, 1 too many times?
I was talking to my cute and creative neighbor about this so called, “problem,” and here is a solution that was mentioned:

Why not decorate a cute box or a little basket and put all sorts of ways to serve someone or give back to someone for every time they say they are bored? What about naming the basket, or box?” Our family has a jar we decorated called, the ‘Spreading Kindness Jar.’ Afterall, the outcome is a sure fire way to spread kindness and to make someone smile when it’s all said and done.

BTW, this is not a punishment for expressing that funny old phrase, this is just a solution to their boredom. This can also be used over fall or winter breaks when the kids are out of school for a long period of time. The ideas that you come up with to place in your ‘kindness jar’ should be fun and easy ways to practice giving and kindness.

Here are just some ideas to get you started. It’s actually quite fun to come up with your own ways to give to someone. Not to mention, this is just another way to keep our thoughts on the positive thoughts, rather than thoughts that are not very pleasing to our minds and bodies. Have fun peeps!

-Make someone you think is special a free e-card on the computer and email it to them for no reason. (Younger kids may need a little help with this one and will need to send it through an adult’s email address).

-Print out a free downloadable card for your kids to color and decorate to either our troops, or someone at a nursing home, children’s hospital, veterans hospital, etc and either drop the cards off in person or send them in the mail together. What a smile you’ll bring to a stranger’s face!

-If your child is old enough (and when they start saying, “Mom, I’m bored, they usually are old enough) have them sit down and write 5 things about someone that they are grateful for. Start each sentence writing, “(Name here), I am so grateful for you because ____________. “ Then send it to them through the mail, email or if they live close, go on a walk and drop it by personally. (This great habit could initiate writing a “gratitude journal” for when they are not only “bored” but for times when they are feeling sad or worried). Writing what we are grateful for, always helps get our mind and our thoughts back on (the good) track!

-Have your child make up a poem, or song and dance about someone they really like; whether a teacher, a neighbor, cousin or friend. Record them either by voice recorder or video recorder on your iphone or smart phone and if possible, send it to that person.

-Have them do a chores around the house to earn a few dollars and then mail the money to a charity of their choice or even to your church. To get them motivated, have them set a goal of how much they want to earn for the charity of their choice and make a chart to keep track of how much they are earning towards their goal throughout the week (or summer). Every single dime adds up and what a great way to teach them how to make a difference and that they are doing their part to help out a great cause!

-Go take a walk around your local park as a family and pick up any trash you see along your way to help keep our planet Earth clean!

-Think of a neighbor who may need help with something whether it be raking their leaves, getting some groceries, bringing them their mail or paper or maybe just a friendly conversation would make their day. (Make sure an adult goes with you!)

As a parent, after implementing this fun activity whenever you hear that phrase, “I’m bored!” might just bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!

Affirmation: “I enjoy making others, even strangers, smile!”

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