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How to have a Happy Day

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I am a big believer in how you start your day will set the tone for the rest of your day…and possibly your week.  It begins with the very first thoughts you begin to think BEFORE your feet even hit the deck!

The way you choose to start your day mentally can be just as important as eating a healthy breakfast (even if it’s a smoothie or protein shake) and brushing your teeth every morning!  Just like your body needs the fuel from your breakfast to give you energy for the rest of the day, your mind needs to be fed healthy thoughts to start the day off right as well!

Here are some tips on how to begin your day so that it can be a happy day with wonderful experiences!

As soon as your eyes open and your mind awakens from sleep, SMILE as you realize it’s a brand new day, a fresh start, a new beginning and know that ANYTHING is possible!
Be GRATEFUL!!!  Come up with 3 things that you are grateful for and if you feel comfortable, say them out loud to get that positive energy out into your day and the world!  My favorites are: “Thank you for … Read More »

Fashion Inspiration: Animal Print & Destruction Jeans

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Soooo this is probably my fave cabi top of the Spring/Summer collection! It’s called the #ritatop and she looks good on everyone! She’s flowy and light and saturated with all these vibrant colors that make us all look younger and who doesn’t want that?! Oh and these jeans?! They are our cabi summer color way #destructionskinnyjeans They rock my socks and I’m not joking! I’m obsessed with them big time! Only 3 more days to buy Miss Rita or Mr Destruction jeans…before the cabi Spring/Summer season ends! #cabiclothing #yourstyleally #villanecklace #summerfashion #destructionjeans

Affirmation of the day:  Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by love.  I radiate love to everyone.

Fashion Inspiration: cabi Vineyard Sweater duster & Crossover Tee

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Crazy cool & rainy weather we are having here for the holiday weekend. This adorable cabi Spring ’16 #vineyardsweater was perfect for dinner and game night at our neighbors house! Wearing it with #vintagecabi with my #sleevelesscrossovertee and cabi #whiteskinnyjeans both from our Spring ’15 collection. Necklace by #devondowddesigns Bracelet is #cabijewelry. #yourstyleally #summerfashion #instafashion #cabiclothing

Fashion Inspiration: Swing jacket & Blossom Top

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I love this tiger lily color with navy!  This swing jacket makes me feel powerful…like I can do anything I put my mind to doing!

It is our cabi #resortjacket from this Spring/Summer collection and is the perfect #swingjacket that completely rocks my socks! And it looks so gorgeous paired with our #blossomtop and cabi #whiteskinnyjeans. Complete the look with our #heliosnecklace and my #bracelet by @devondowddesigns #devondowddesigns This spring and summer cabi collection is almost over! Msg me to place an order from our spring/summer line! #yourstyleally #cabiclothing #summerfashion
Affirmation of the day:  I can do anything I put my mind to!

Day 11 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-gratitude

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


What is the first thing you do or think about when you wake up?

Do you rush out of bed in a frenzy to get the kids fed and off to school, all the while raising your voice like a drill sergeant only to leave you with feelings of guilt and anguish for how your morning started? Or do you begin your day with thoughts of gratitude for your blessings, leaving you feeling refreshed, joyful and eager to start the new day?

Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude can make a huge difference in how your day proceeds. As more of your thoughts and words become positive, you’ll start attracting more & more positive experiences.

By expressing gratitude, it helps create positive energy inside you that radiates out into the world around you and in return, helps create wonderful experiences for you. This is when good things start to happen everywhere you turn. People will begin to gravitate toward you because you’re so refreshing to be around. They want to inhale the energy you emanate so they too, can feel the … Read More »

Positive kid-firmations Part 3

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For all of you faithful Feeding Sparrows readers and fans, I know it has been a while since my last post and I apologize.  You see, life works exactly the way it is supposed to work.  Nothing is a coincidence and everything happens for a reason.

With that being said, I have a little story to share with you.  If you recall, I started a series called, ‘Positive Kid-firmations’ in which I promised would entail a 5 part series.   As most of you know, I have shared with you part 1 &  part 2 of the Positive Kid-firmations series over a month ago.  Part 3 of the series is Positive Kid-firmations for health.  For some reason about a month ago, when it came time to write the blog post,  I just wasn’t feeling the inspiration to write.  Writing this blog, “Feeding Sparrows” has taught me more than I ever imagined that it would.  The most important thing it has taught me is “Everything will happen in its divine time.”  Meaning, I have learned never to “force” the writing I do on this blog.  I have learned that if I give it time and wait for the inspiration to come, that … Read More »

Friday Fav Giveaway

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Did somebody say, Giveaway???  Uh, yeah!!!

I’m so excited about this Friday’s Favorites GIVEAWAY from BFF BAZAAR!  There is nothing sweeter than having a custom made necklace with the names of your kiddos displayed on it (or dog, cat, or pet hamster)!   ; )  They are now one of my Friday Favorites!!  Love them!

BFF Bazaar is not just jewelry, but custom stamped jewelry that you can help design and create yourself, or leave it to the professionals, Tammy & Amy at BFF Bazaar to create something that suits your style!!   BFF Bazaar offers custom necklaces, key chains, rings, bracelets and they even do custom canvas art and can create something custom to paint your kids’ room too!  This is what makes BFF Bazaar…so awesomely…well, BAZAAR!

There is something for everyone at BFF Bazaar.  You can design a piece for yourself, for your child, your mom, dad, athlete, friend…a’hem, um…me, whoever!  Hehe!  Just kidding…(not really though)!

Whenever I wear my custom made BFF Bazaar necklace stamped with our boys names on it, they love it and it makes them feel soooo special!!

Ok, ok…I’ll get to the GIVEAWAY part already….geesh!  (And I thought my boys were impatient)…

BFF Bazaar is giving away a free custom necklace of your choice!!

Here’s how to enter for your … Read More »