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Affirmation bracelets

Posted on October 9th, by Ally in Nesting Necessities, The Giving Tree. 9 comments

They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrre!  I am BEYOND excited!  One of my besties and I were talking one day and we came up with this adorable and fun way to help kids remember to think positively:  hello, affirmation bracelets!!   And, if your kiddos are like my kiddos, sometimes they forget what their affirmation is for the day…and now here is a wonderful way to help them remember!!

What I hope these bracelets will do, is travel the world and help teach children near and far about the power of doing, thinking, speaking and writing positive affirmations!  If this is your first time to my site, please visit my Why Affirmations page and my About Me page to learn more about the benefits and power of doing affirmations.

Here are a few (true) short stories about how affirmations have helped our children in the short time we have been doing and practicing positive affirmations:

Our 4 1/2 year old and I were getting into Nana’s car to run a quick errand.  As I often am, I was in a hurry.  I jumped in the passenger seat and buckled myself, knowing that our 4 year old knows how to get into his car seat and buckle himself too.  I said, “Are you buckled?”  He … Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Giving

Posted on July 8th, by Ally in The Giving Tree. No Comments

I believe it’s never too early to start teaching your kids about acts of kindness…here are some fun and easy ways to teach your kids about the gift of giving!

“Family Ties”: Start with your kiddos by just practicing the gift of giving of their time to family: Have them give their time to help each family member with something each day. Whether it be helping mom gather all the dirty clothes and sorting them into piles of darks and light colors to load into the washer. (My kids LOVE to do this little chore). Or helping dad, wash the car. It can also be as simple as helping their sibling learn a new board game or teaming up together to make their beds. Let them know how helpful they are being throughout their time of giving.

“Oh Say Can You…Give?” Write a thank you to our troops for serving and look up on a website of possible items they are in need of: such as toiletries, soap or blankets. Maybe you have a few of these unused items around your house and as a family you could … Read More »

Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored

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“Mom…I’m bored!”

Yup…it’s Summa-time! And this is the expression that we hear oh I don’t know, 1 too many times?
I was talking to my cute and creative neighbor about this so called, “problem,” and here is a solution that was mentioned:

Why not decorate a cute box or a little basket and put all sorts of ways to serve someone or give back to someone for every time they say they are bored? What about naming the basket, or box?” Our family has a jar we decorated called, the ‘Spreading Kindness Jar.’ Afterall, the outcome is a sure fire way to spread kindness and to make someone smile when it’s all said and done.

BTW, this is not a punishment for expressing that funny old phrase, this is just a solution to their boredom. This can also be used over fall or winter breaks when the kids are out of school for a long period of time. The ideas that you come up with to place in your ‘kindness jar’ should be fun and easy ways to practice giving and kindness.

Here are just some ideas to get you started. It’s actually quite fun to come up with your own ways to give to someone. … Read More »