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Affirmations for Kids

Posted on June 30th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Mama Bird's lessons, Nesting Necessities. 1 Comment

One of my biggest desires is to instill confidence, self esteem and self worth in children all around the world. I do believe that this would help eliminate all of the bullying going on at schools and on social media. Kids who are doing all the bullying are lacking self-worth and have little to no self-esteem at all. Rather than having an anti-bullying campaign, someday I’d like to promote a program about building up children’s self-esteem and self-love. And I’m excited to announce that that someday is coming soon…I’m really, really excited!!

My girlfriend and I are in the midst of creating such a positive program as well as writing a series of books to teach children how to build confidence as well as the power they have within them to achieve anything in life. I have many friends who have been practicing doing affirmations with their kids and they all have shared numerous and awesome stories about how much it has made a difference! I know this to be true because I practice it daily with my kids. When our youngest boy was 2 he would tell me or my husband, “we need tho do our affirmations today!”, I know … Read More »


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Lately, I’ve been asked many times if our three boys have similar personalities or completely different personalities?

I actually love when people ask me this question, for many reasons.  The main reason being that it allows me to reflect on each of our boys very special personalities and spirits.  (Like my best friend Brandi likes to call it:  our YOUnique personalities).

This is how I usually begin my response to this question:

‘You know it’s funny…before we had our second child, I just kind of assumed that our second child would be very similar to our first child.  I guess I assumed this because this child is coming from the same set of parents and gene pool.   Yet I don’t know why I had such a silly thought like this because I know that my brother, sister and I all come from the same set of parents and we are all three very different beings.  I have never even come across any siblings who are all similar, so again, why would I think for two seconds that our children would be similar too?     Oh and to answer your question:  Our three boys couldn’t be more different from each other…and I have … Read More »

Affirmation bracelets

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They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrre!  I am BEYOND excited!  One of my besties and I were talking one day and we came up with this adorable and fun way to help kids remember to think positively:  hello, affirmation bracelets!!   And, if your kiddos are like my kiddos, sometimes they forget what their affirmation is for the day…and now here is a wonderful way to help them remember!!

What I hope these bracelets will do, is travel the world and help teach children near and far about the power of doing, thinking, speaking and writing positive affirmations!  If this is your first time to my site, please visit my Why Affirmations page and my About Me page to learn more about the benefits and power of doing affirmations.

Here are a few (true) short stories about how affirmations have helped our children in the short time we have been doing and practicing positive affirmations:

Our 4 1/2 year old and I were getting into Nana’s car to run a quick errand.  As I often am, I was in a hurry.  I jumped in the passenger seat and buckled myself, knowing that our 4 year old knows how to get into his car seat and buckle himself too.  I said, “Are you buckled?”  He … Read More »

Affirmation Signs

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You could say I was feeling a little creative last weekend.  And it all started when I saw the affirmation sign, “God Made You” on Pinterest.  I immediately contacted Jamie at The Creative Imperative and had prints made for our boys.  It was a fun exercise picking out the adjectives that describe both of our boys.  At the bottom of the print, their name is written almost as big as the ‘God Made You’ writing.  The finished product with their name is what makes it perfect!

What I found the most interesting is how many similar qualities the two oldest boys share…even though when I think about them both, they are two very different personalities!  One thing I know for sure is that God made all his children special…and that was what made choosing each adjective for each boy so enjoyable!

Due to the creative surge I was feeling, I wanted to DIY the custom prints I ordered from The Creative Imperative , so after I uploaded and printed them at Costco, I headed over to the craft store.  I purchased two 16 x 20 blank canvases, navy acrylic paint, a foam brush and some mod podge so that I could put ‘the mother’s touch’ into these signs.   I then got caaaraaazy and … Read More »

Positive “Kid-firmations”

Posted on September 19th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Nesting Necessities. 2 comments

It dawned on me this weekend that I haven’t offered any suggestions to my readers yet on how to create affirmations for your children AND for yourself!   Hello???  We all could use a little boost sometimes to get us started with anything we do in life, right?  Soooo, today starts a 5 part series in my Positive Kid-firmations boost series to get you all rockin’ and rollin’ with creating those positive affirmations to help you children succeed in any area of their life!

The 5 part series will include positive affirmations for:

Self Esteem

First I’d like to explain that positive affirmations are successful when:

They are said and/or written in present tense–‘I am very good at math.’  Rather than, ‘I will be great at math.’
They are short (for kids especially).  The shorter they are, the easier they are to remember and it keeps us focused on our desired outcome.
They are specific on what you DO want— “I achieve A’s on all my math tests.”  The goal is now specified, easier to visualize and again, easier to stay focused on the desired result.
They are written down.  If you are looking for even more ways to create your desired outcome, writing down your affirmation a lot of times, helps manifest what we really want.
 They are believable.  If the … Read More »

Dear Children

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Yesterday a group of friends and I volunteered for the Special Olympics.  It was another one of those awakening moments for me.  I ‘d like to share with you what I learned.

We were assigned the concession stand at a soccer tournament.  There were 6 of us girls there to do a 2 person job.  I didn’t feel very useful.  I wanted to do more, give more, help more…probably deep within me, I was yearning to grow more.  Feeling futile, I set out to find the coordinator to see what else we could do to be of service to them.  When I found her, she said, “I would love it if some of you could go cheer and be supportive of our local teams we have out here today.  They would love that.  They don’t always have the family support from home and any extra support we can give them, would make their day.”

At first, I thought…’Really, that’s it?  Just stand there, clap and be supportive?  I thought we signed up to do something…’  I have to admit, it wasn’t until I was actually cheering and observing my surroundings that it actually sunk in…hit me upside the head…sent chills down my … Read More »

Dream Catcher

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I was giving our boys a bath the other night and our 4 year old said, “Mom, when I was over at Joe’s house he had this thing hanging from his wall with feathers on it and he said that it keeps away all the bad dreams…can I get one of those?”

I knew right away what he was talking about because I remember being young and seeing a dream catcher at a few of my friends’ houses and wanting one for my room too.  I told him that I would be happy to start looking for a dream catcher in the next week or so…but, if you know our 4 year old, you know he is a persistent little sparrow.

Hence my ‘dreaming up’ how to make our own little dream catchers…DIY style!

Do dream catchers really work, you ask?  Well, so far so good over in this dreamland…but you can decide for yourself!

And if you’re a little curious about the meaning behind a dream catcher…here is what I now know about it:

A dream catcher is made up (normally, ha) of a wooden hoop containing a web-like design in the middle.  At the bottom of the hoop it contains 2 or more dangling feathers.  The … Read More »


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I am constantly trying to teach our boys about respect.  Some days I think, ‘Yes, they’re getting it!’  and other days, I think, ‘Whoa…need to work on that one!’   Like most lessons for children to learn, I think it takes a village.  If we don’t teach them about respect, and more importantly, if we don’t model it for them, how are they going to learn?

After almost every play date that our children have at a friend’s house, I like to ask the parent, “How did he do?  Did he use his manners?  Was he respectful?”  It is just a little “check” I like to do to keep me on my toes with the ongoing lesson of teaching respect to our boys.  I hope my friends are being honest with me, but I realize they may not be every time.  I understand it is hard to tell your friend that their child was rude, talking back or not being respectful.   It is a fine line that we have to walk sometimes, as parents with our friends.  But it is so important that we are honest with one another.   We are not helping this village that our children are growing up in, if we aren’t participating and not being honest with … Read More »

1st day of 1st grade tradition

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Some moms cannot wait for this day to come. I on the other hand, feel the opposite way about its arrival. I am such a sentimental gal, that this day is just another reminder to me of how fast time flies. I know it is so cliche’ but it truly just felt like yesterday he was starting his 1st day of pre-school and now he is a big timer 1st grader! (Big, big sigh).

Our family has this fun tradition that my Dad started with taking a special, family lunch box to school on the 1st day of first grade. When my dad was in 1st grade, ‘Space Cadet’ was a big time, big deal. And, he had the Tom Corbett — Space Cadet lunch box to prove it! Space Cadet were stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, coloring books and even punch out books in the 1950’s. It was like the Star Wars of its time! I think nowadays the lunch box sells for around $100 bucks on ebay.

I remember as a little girl, my dad always talking about that lunch box and getting it out of storage to show my brother, sister and … Read More »

Shower Confessional

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I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that all of my inspirations and great ideas all come to me in the shower.  I step in the shower thinking how grateful I am to even find the time in my day to take a shower and that’s when the ideas appear out of nowhere!

The good energy I get from the peacefulness of my shower just starts flowing and I start to feel inspired.   Sometimes, I find myself wavering on the question, ‘should I get out of the shower this second and write all these great ideas down?’  Yet, I want to stay in this “sanctuary” for more reasons than I can list.  It is refreshing, it is serene, it makes me happy, it smells delicious in here AND it is quiet!  Again and again, day after day, the inspirations, the good thoughts, come to me as fast and as abundant as the water running down my back!

However, it wasn’t always this way.  It was quite the opposite, actually.  My thoughts used to be different when I stepped in the shower.  They used to go something like this:

“Ok, when I get out of the shower, I need to finish the laundry, … Read More »