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Be in the moment

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Ahhhh yes.  Be in the moment.  It sounds so easy, yet it can be so challenging.  This is one I’ve been working on for years…and especially now that I have kids.  I will say…practice makes…better!?!?  This was my challenge for myself this weekend.  I wanted to live for each moment, each minute and enjoy it rather than be the time keeper of our family schedule.

I must say at first, I had to keep reminding myself of my challenge to “be in the moment.”  It only took a few times to really get into it, but once I did, my weekend was truly fantastic!  You would have thought we went on vacation this weekend, that’s how good I felt about, well…life!  It’s amazing what living in the now, does for your spirit; your soul.  It causes us to slow down, calm down, think less and live more!!

Even my husband said to me this morning, “I had a really nice and enjoyable weekend.  I feel like we did a lot this weekend without doing anything…why is that?”  I felt the same way about our weekend too.  For me, it felt like a vacation.  At first I was reluctant to tell him about my little … Read More »

Looking for “Happy”

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Where did my happy go?

Our middle son is very good at expressing himself.  Terrible two’s you ask?  Nope, he’s 4 1/2 now…but, I know what ya mean, bean!  If you’re experiencing the terrible 2’s OR the terrible 3’s, hang in there!  It will pass and I actually think you might be able to change the way you look at this interesting little toddler phase!

Our middle son was a feisty 2 AND 3 year old.  I smile looking back at those challenging years, because now that he is coming into his own little personality, it is clear that his 2 & 3 year old feisty behavior was his way of expressing his emotions.    I am sooo thankful for that phase, because I now see that he was learning how to express his feelings at each moment.  Some kids may keep their emotions all inside or others may express them through actions.  Our little dude, simply tells us exactly and I mean, exactly, how he is feeling.

A few weeks ago, he came downstairs to the breakfast table saying this, “Mama, I can’t find my happy.”  Although I loved the way he was explaining this challenge and feeling, my heart ached when I heard this (rather cute) phrase.   No mom … Read More »

Golf Tournament Champion

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The Power of Intention….is a powerful thing!


My brother recently got married.  He is an avid golfer and his love for the game is rubbing off on my oldest son…even all the way from California!  For his rehearsal dinner, my parents appropriately hosted it at a gorgeous country club overlooking the beautiful scenery Palm Springs provides.  What is a rehearsal dinner at a country club without a mini putt-putt tournament, right?  Our family would have it no other way!

When our oldest son got wind of this mini “golf tournament” as he coined it, he told the entire universe about it!  Every where we went, it didn’t matter if we were in the restroom at Target or having a playdate with our friends, in the grocery store line or music class, everyone was fully informed of our little “golf plans” the weeks leading up to the wedding.  I shouldn’t even say ‘our‘ golf plans…I mean, ‘his’ golf plans.  His teacher knew, our neighbors knew, pre-school parents that I only knew their child’s name, knew.  It didn’t matter who you were, he was going to tell you about it!  Even strangers on the car rental bus on the way to the airport knew:

“Where are you headed, young man?”  These strangers asked … Read More »

Making Friends

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I love watching our boys make new friends. They teach me constantly about having no judgment and to get over myself and possibly try branching out and making new friends. I mean, how easy it is for them to just go up to a kid their age and say, “Hey, want to play tag?” at the park. They don’t care what they look like, they don’t care that their outfit doesn’t really match and that their shoes have holes in them. Why can’t I do that as often as they do it?

‘Ummm, hi there chick talking on your iphone…want to quit acting like we’re in serious conversations on our cell phones and maybe talk about our kids latest embarrassing meltdown in Target the other day?’ I mean, HOW hard can that be?

It takes some serious courage whether you’re outgoing (like I think I can be), or not! Especially these days with all of the smart phones that exists. It’s much more comfortable to play Words With Friends or Google the latest TomKat news than it is to talk to another mom at the park whom we do not know…yet.

I think our kids have a lot to teach us. … Read More »

Camping Trip

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Just call me, “Mrs. Dad.” Yup, you heard it! This girly-girl took her boys camping! Well, sort of. Since Daddy was OOT for 3 days I had to get creative, right? (Thank goodness those little business buns found their way back to this campsite, today)! So Mommy, I mean, “ Mrs. Daddy” rather, packed up those sleeping bags and pillows and took this family camping…on the floor…in our bedroom.

Hey, it was 107 out there at 6pm last night…so I had to make some changes to our “camping trip.” Minor, I mean (major) changes! If truth be known, I did let these sweet boys talk me into camping in our tree house in the backyard…ummmm…for 2 seconds! When that plan started heating up, I went to Plan B (a much cooler option) and we hit the ground, I mean floor…sleeping!

Here’s how it went after we switched to air conditioning, aka: plan B. We packed up our sleeping bags, picnic baskets, pillows and oh yeah a few other “necessities” and headed to Antarctica (really, when you compare the two). These “necessities” consisted not of a trail map, extra batteries and a compass but apparently these types of “necessities:”

Camping Trip Essentials:

11 cars and … Read More »

Baby’s First Steps

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Where Did My Baby Go?

Today, our baby-baby took his first steps. It was complete and utter joy. It was also complete and utter sadness (for me). Why is that? Why do us females always have to go and get all sentimental about every little thing our babies do???

Walking is a big one though. We experience joy and pride that they conquered yet another milestone because it means they are progressing and growing exactly as they should be. However, it brings some sadness because it also confirms that they are becoming more and more independent each and every day.

Yes, independence is a beautiful thing. And a very healthy trait to express, but why do they have to display this characteristic so quickly? I’m sure it goes back to the caveman age…and how we needed to adapt on our own quickly in order to survive…but why is it that we are adults for such a long part of our lives and only babies for what, 12 months???

I feel like it was yesterday, I was carrying this sweet bubba in my belly and feeling his every move. Some nine months later, he was attached to my hip, quite happily I might add. And … Read More »

Shower Confessional

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I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that all of my inspirations and great ideas all come to me in the shower.  I step in the shower thinking how grateful I am to even find the time in my day to take a shower and that’s when the ideas appear out of nowhere!

The good energy I get from the peacefulness of my shower just starts flowing and I start to feel inspired.   Sometimes, I find myself wavering on the question, ‘should I get out of the shower this second and write all these great ideas down?’  Yet, I want to stay in this “sanctuary” for more reasons than I can list.  It is refreshing, it is serene, it makes me happy, it smells delicious in here AND it is quiet!  Again and again, day after day, the inspirations, the good thoughts, come to me as fast and as abundant as the water running down my back!

However, it wasn’t always this way.  It was quite the opposite, actually.  My thoughts used to be different when I stepped in the shower.  They used to go something like this:

“Ok, when I get out of the shower, I need to finish the laundry, … Read More »