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Dream Big

Posted on September 2nd, by Ally in Feeding Time. 3 comments

DREAM BIG! That sign is in our front garden…I smile every time I look at it! I know my kids notice it and read it daily and those words are planting little seeds in their blossoming brains. 

Our oldest son set a goal earlier this summer, made a plan with steps to achieve it and a vision board and dreamed big and achieved his goal! 

He wanted to try out for an academy baseball team. He dreamed about it for 9 months. We talked about it a lot for the first several months. Then as time got closer, we sat down with him and discussed how he could reach his goal…if he set up a plan with action steps.  

The three of us together wrote down his action plan. We wrote down daily steps he would need to do and discussed with him the importance of discipline when reaching for a goal.  

Then a few days later, I had him (and his little brothers) create a vision board. I cannot tell you how powerful creating a vision board is when you have a goal or a desire you would like to see manifest. I have created … Read More »

Meditation for Kids

Posted on July 3rd, by Ally in Feeding Time, Mama Bird's lessons. 2 comments

I have always had this thought of, “What if we were taught to meditate at a young age, like 3 or 5 years old…how different would our world be?”
Not only that, but think of all the benefits and tools it can teach our children for their future, especially if we teach them at a young age.
I started meditating (the lite version) 11 years ago when I became pregnant with my 1st child. I read a book that suggested I meditate to help with anxiety. I was feeling anxious about physically having a baby. The lite meditating I was doing truly helped me get through my fears of the physical aspect of giving birth. I know it is what allowed me to have a natural birth when we came very close to having to look at other options.
In the last year and a half I have really up’d my meditating practice. I attended a conference in Denver and I actually got to that “blissful space” that “they” say one can get to when meditating. Ever since that moment, meditating became part of my life. I crave it. This is all due to the wonderful experiences I have had since last April … Read More »

Affirmations for Kids

Posted on June 30th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Mama Bird's lessons, Nesting Necessities. 1 Comment

One of my biggest desires is to instill confidence, self esteem and self worth in children all around the world. I do believe that this would help eliminate all of the bullying going on at schools and on social media. Kids who are doing all the bullying are lacking self-worth and have little to no self-esteem at all. Rather than having an anti-bullying campaign, someday I’d like to promote a program about building up children’s self-esteem and self-love. And I’m excited to announce that that someday is coming soon…I’m really, really excited!!

My girlfriend and I are in the midst of creating such a positive program as well as writing a series of books to teach children how to build confidence as well as the power they have within them to achieve anything in life. I have many friends who have been practicing doing affirmations with their kids and they all have shared numerous and awesome stories about how much it has made a difference! I know this to be true because I practice it daily with my kids. When our youngest boy was 2 he would tell me or my husband, “we need tho do our affirmations today!”, I know … Read More »

“…All things are Possible”

Posted on August 5th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Mama Bird's lessons. 1 Comment

This morning, I woke up in kind of a low-energy mood.  I don’t know why.  I slept great and I have so much to be grateful for…nothing pressing needs to get done today…I just couldn’t figure out a way to shake my mood.  I decided to go work out because that usually lifts my mood and helps jump start my day.  It worked for about an hour, but still found myself kind of melancholy.  Maybe it’s the weather, I thought?

Throughout the morning, I asked myself questions.  Are you feeling fear of some sort?  I dug deep and kept pondering what I could be “afraid of” that might have me in this weird kind of mood.

I had a couple of ideas of things that were weighing on my mind for future events…and figured that’s what it most likely was…I realized I was feeling doubt and fear of some things and goals I want to accomplish before the end of the year.  So, I decided to start working on changing my negative thoughts to good thoughts to just help me get to a better, good feeling state rather than a “Eyore” kind of mood.  Sometimes really trying to change those negative thoughts … Read More »

Mission…TOTALLY possible!

Posted on May 18th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Mama Bird's lessons. No Comments

This morning I overheard our 7 year old telling our 5 year old,

“Oh that would be IMPOSSIBLE!”

I don’t know what they were referring to, as they were just coming down the stairs, but I found it hard to hold back my next comment,

“Actually honey, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and trust in God. Remember the quote we have above our kitchen window, buddy? It says, ‘With God, all things are possible.’

“Really Mom?? Anything is possible?”

“Yes buddy, ANYTHING is possible!”

“Well, how exactly? Why is there even a word, “impossible” if nothing is impossible.”

“Good question, buddy…good question.”

In order to prove to my children that nothing is impossible, I searched the web for some inspirational stories and this is one that I found that left them believing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! It shows not only how anything is possible, but this video displays TRUE. UNCONDITIONAL. LOVE. Afterall, isn’t that ALL we need? All we need is love…(which is what God is)…and truly, anything IS possible…if you believe in yourself!

After showing the video to our 2 older sons, our 7 year old shed some tears, because of the love … Read More »

Gratitude Notes

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I woke up this morning, and said my two favorite “wake up” affirmations to start my day:(“Thank you bed for a wonderful night’s rest.” and “Thank you God, for this beautiful day. There will be time for everything I need to do today.”) and I thought,’How can I get my boys to start their days off with gratitude each morning as well?

Then I thought about making these gratitude notes. I quickly grabbed my handy post it notes and a sharpie and wrote them a “wake up” gratitude note and stuck it on their lamp shades next to their bed before they woke up.

Our 7 year old, came down the stairs with a huge smile on his face AND with his gratitude note and gave me a hug. Our 5 year old, who is just learning the basics of how to read site words, came down the same way, but asked me to read what it said. He developed a gigantic smile and said, “I love being kind to my brothers!”

While they ate breakfast, I said to them,

“I know we say what we are grateful for each night after our prayers, but … Read More »

Affirmation Signs

Posted on October 1st, by Ally in Feeding Time, Nesting Necessities. 2 comments

You could say I was feeling a little creative last weekend.  And it all started when I saw the affirmation sign, “God Made You” on Pinterest.  I immediately contacted Jamie at The Creative Imperative and had prints made for our boys.  It was a fun exercise picking out the adjectives that describe both of our boys.  At the bottom of the print, their name is written almost as big as the ‘God Made You’ writing.  The finished product with their name is what makes it perfect!

What I found the most interesting is how many similar qualities the two oldest boys share…even though when I think about them both, they are two very different personalities!  One thing I know for sure is that God made all his children special…and that was what made choosing each adjective for each boy so enjoyable!

Due to the creative surge I was feeling, I wanted to DIY the custom prints I ordered from The Creative Imperative , so after I uploaded and printed them at Costco, I headed over to the craft store.  I purchased two 16 x 20 blank canvases, navy acrylic paint, a foam brush and some mod podge so that I could put ‘the mother’s touch’ into these signs.   I then got caaaraaazy and … Read More »

Postive Kid-firmations Part 2

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Just like I promised!  Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series is here!  If you missed last week’s Positive “Kid-firmations” blog post, please go check it out and get started teaching your children how to use these powerful affirmations to create positive experiences for them throughout their day!  I know you will see some awesome things happen to your children and your relationship with your children when you start practicing doing positive affirmations together!

Speaking of relationships…Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series:  RELATIONSHIPS!

Building relationships is happening all over your children’s world and they don’t even realize it yet.  They are doing this by making friends at the park, at school, at church, in their neighborhood, with their sports involvement and other activities like piano or dance.  They are constantly meeting new people and at the same time, forming and diving deeper into already created relationships.  This is why it is important that our children feel they are loved, worthy and deserving of having harmonious and wonderful relationships with the people they surround themselves with…especially when we are not able to be at their side at every moment (big sigh for me here).

This is the reason why I started this series (Part 1) with self-esteem Positive … Read More »

Positive “Kid-firmations”

Posted on September 19th, by Ally in Feeding Time, Nesting Necessities. 2 comments

It dawned on me this weekend that I haven’t offered any suggestions to my readers yet on how to create affirmations for your children AND for yourself!   Hello???  We all could use a little boost sometimes to get us started with anything we do in life, right?  Soooo, today starts a 5 part series in my Positive Kid-firmations boost series to get you all rockin’ and rollin’ with creating those positive affirmations to help you children succeed in any area of their life!

The 5 part series will include positive affirmations for:

Self Esteem

First I’d like to explain that positive affirmations are successful when:

They are said and/or written in present tense–‘I am very good at math.’  Rather than, ‘I will be great at math.’
They are short (for kids especially).  The shorter they are, the easier they are to remember and it keeps us focused on our desired outcome.
They are specific on what you DO want— “I achieve A’s on all my math tests.”  The goal is now specified, easier to visualize and again, easier to stay focused on the desired result.
They are written down.  If you are looking for even more ways to create your desired outcome, writing down your affirmation a lot of times, helps manifest what we really want.
 They are believable.  If the … Read More »

Snack Attack

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Lately, granola bars and grapes just aren’t cuttin’ it for my boys when it comes to snacks.  Especially when our oldest boy gets home from school around 4 o’clock….”sta. arv. ing.”

Our boys are very much bread boys.  Bread seems to “get ‘er done” until dinner time arrives, much better than the ole’ granola bar or grape action.  I was having to come up with 3-4 snacks for our oldest until his growing stomach was satisfied and that got old, reeeeeaaaal fast.

Soooo, here are three healthy, filling snack ideas that involve bread that seem to work well with our boys.  I bought these items at Costco, so these snacks are not only easy to make (my 7 year old can make them), but also pretty cheap to keep in stock at our house too.  I thought I’d share them with you if you too, have some dough boys in your casa!  Enjoy!

Ingredients for “Peanutbready”

Whole Wheat Bread
Peanut Butter

Ingredients for “Hummingbread”

Whole Wheat Bread
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (or regular)

Ingredients for “Strawbready”

Whole Wheat Bread
Strawberry Cream Cheese low fat (or regular)

Affirmation:  I enjoy cooking and sharing food with others!  I am a great cook!

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