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Fashion Inspiration: Animal Print & Destruction Jeans

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Soooo this is probably my fave cabi top of the Spring/Summer collection! It’s called the #ritatop and she looks good on everyone! She’s flowy and light and saturated with all these vibrant colors that make us all look younger and who doesn’t want that?! Oh and these jeans?! They are our cabi summer color way #destructionskinnyjeans They rock my socks and I’m not joking! I’m obsessed with them big time! Only 3 more days to buy Miss Rita or Mr Destruction jeans…before the cabi Spring/Summer season ends! #cabiclothing #yourstyleally #villanecklace #summerfashion #destructionjeans

Affirmation of the day:  Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by love.  I radiate love to everyone.

Fashion Inspiration: cabi Vineyard Sweater duster & Crossover Tee

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Crazy cool & rainy weather we are having here for the holiday weekend. This adorable cabi Spring ’16 #vineyardsweater was perfect for dinner and game night at our neighbors house! Wearing it with #vintagecabi with my #sleevelesscrossovertee and cabi #whiteskinnyjeans both from our Spring ’15 collection. Necklace by #devondowddesigns Bracelet is #cabijewelry. #yourstyleally #summerfashion #instafashion #cabiclothing

Fashion Inspiration: Swing jacket & Blossom Top

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I love this tiger lily color with navy!  This swing jacket makes me feel powerful…like I can do anything I put my mind to doing!

It is our cabi #resortjacket from this Spring/Summer collection and is the perfect #swingjacket that completely rocks my socks! And it looks so gorgeous paired with our #blossomtop and cabi #whiteskinnyjeans. Complete the look with our #heliosnecklace and my #bracelet by @devondowddesigns #devondowddesigns This spring and summer cabi collection is almost over! Msg me to place an order from our spring/summer line! #yourstyleally #cabiclothing #summerfashion
Affirmation of the day:  I can do anything I put my mind to!

Fashion Inspiration: Lime Splitback Pullover sweater with Striped Tee

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Bright colors makes us all feel cheerful and younger!!!  Always try and add color in your wardrobe!  Watch how it brightens your mood when you wear it!

Love the sunshine and clear skies this morning! Excited to meet my friend (I met through cabi) for lunch today in my cabi #splitbackpullover and #widestripetank with my cabi #whiteskinnyjeans I am always so comfy in my #cabiclothing #yourstyleally #noondayjewelry #summerfashion #michaelkorswatch

Affirmation of the day:  Every experience I have is just what I need for my growth!

What to Wear

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Are you one of those girls who has lots of clothes in her closet but nothing to wear???

And do you sometimes feel like coming up with a new outfit feels like figuring out your child’s common core math homework???…(at least for me):  PUZZLING and confusing and straight up harder than it needs to be.

Sometimes getting dressed just feels energy-draining…and makes me want throw in the towel and go veg out on the sofa and watch old episodes of Gossip Girl.   I often experience ups and downs when it comes to getting dressed and sometimes I wonder, “why is this so difficult?”

I’m guessing from time to time, you feel the same way too. So today I’m sharing a few tips for getting inspired and creating new outfits!

1. Audit your closet.
Ugh, I know, right?  Who wants to start a fun fashion tip exercise by cleaning out their closet?  Believe me, it will actually feel ENERGIZING and really good.  Like a REALLY good work out!  Keep the mind-set of ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ kind of thinking process and it might help you get through the exercise…just don’t really tell your boyfriend or husband what the real game plan … Read More »

Friday Fav Giveaway

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Did somebody say, Giveaway???  Uh, yeah!!!

I’m so excited about this Friday’s Favorites GIVEAWAY from BFF BAZAAR!  There is nothing sweeter than having a custom made necklace with the names of your kiddos displayed on it (or dog, cat, or pet hamster)!   ; )  They are now one of my Friday Favorites!!  Love them!

BFF Bazaar is not just jewelry, but custom stamped jewelry that you can help design and create yourself, or leave it to the professionals, Tammy & Amy at BFF Bazaar to create something that suits your style!!   BFF Bazaar offers custom necklaces, key chains, rings, bracelets and they even do custom canvas art and can create something custom to paint your kids’ room too!  This is what makes BFF Bazaar…so awesomely…well, BAZAAR!

There is something for everyone at BFF Bazaar.  You can design a piece for yourself, for your child, your mom, dad, athlete, friend…a’hem, um…me, whoever!  Hehe!  Just kidding…(not really though)!

Whenever I wear my custom made BFF Bazaar necklace stamped with our boys names on it, they love it and it makes them feel soooo special!!

Ok, ok…I’ll get to the GIVEAWAY part already….geesh!  (And I thought my boys were impatient)…

BFF Bazaar is giving away a free custom necklace of your choice!!

Here’s how to enter for your … Read More »

From one season to the next…

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It’s that time again…for my Friday Fall Favs!  I know I said this last week, but this post is literally for all you hot mama’s out there!

It’s that weird ‘time of year’ where I am sick of my summer clothes and ready to wear fall clothes…but not sure a.) that I’m up for “sweating it out” in my fall attire and b.) is it appropriate to rush right into the fall attire when it is still 97 degrees outside???

To help me with this mini-dilemma, I teamed up with professional fashion stylist, Melissa Brace Oliver, owner of The Butterfly Effect.  Some of her clients include Jen Plas from the “Hey, It’s Jen”  Shawnee Mission Kia commercials and winner of Survivor Guatemala 2005, Danni Boatwright Wiegmann.  Melissa showed me that it is possible to ease into fall by doing this fun little concept:

Take a summer dress from your closet and just add a few fall layers.  In this shot, we added a lacey long sleeve shirt, denim jacket and threw on a belt with cute booties to boot!  hehe!  What a perfect way to walk right into fall!…if you don’t step in dog doo-doo…like me in the above pic!

If I can do this fashion trick…anyone can do it!  And … Read More »

Friday’s Fall Favs

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I love the Fall.  It is my favorite season.

#1  Fall clothes

#2  College Football

#3  Fall clothes

This post is for all you hot Mama’s out there!

Since it’s Labor Day weekend…we should all take a little break ourselves and do something that makes us feel good!  Labor Day is a great excuse anyway…right???

If you’re like me, then you feel a whole lot better when you are “fully dressed.”   Believe you me, there are lots of days when I don’t feel like putting on my make-up and dressing all cute.   Sometimes I may not even hit the shower until 3pm.   That’s just how busy life can get, as you know with kids.  We tend to put ourselves last, as parents…it’s just something that we do.

I’m thinkin’ that maybe I should work on this a little.  Yes, I am a mom and always put my kiddos first, but maybe work on lovin’ on me a little bit too.  After all, I feel so much better when I put on make up and actually get dressed in something kinda fun.  (I think my hubby probably appreciates it too!)  ; )  When I feel good about myself, I’m pretty sure I am probably a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, what have you…

These … Read More »


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I am constantly trying to teach our boys about respect.  Some days I think, ‘Yes, they’re getting it!’  and other days, I think, ‘Whoa…need to work on that one!’   Like most lessons for children to learn, I think it takes a village.  If we don’t teach them about respect, and more importantly, if we don’t model it for them, how are they going to learn?

After almost every play date that our children have at a friend’s house, I like to ask the parent, “How did he do?  Did he use his manners?  Was he respectful?”  It is just a little “check” I like to do to keep me on my toes with the ongoing lesson of teaching respect to our boys.  I hope my friends are being honest with me, but I realize they may not be every time.  I understand it is hard to tell your friend that their child was rude, talking back or not being respectful.   It is a fine line that we have to walk sometimes, as parents with our friends.  But it is so important that we are honest with one another.   We are not helping this village that our children are growing up in, if we aren’t participating and not being honest with … Read More »

1st day of 1st grade tradition

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Some moms cannot wait for this day to come. I on the other hand, feel the opposite way about its arrival. I am such a sentimental gal, that this day is just another reminder to me of how fast time flies. I know it is so cliche’ but it truly just felt like yesterday he was starting his 1st day of pre-school and now he is a big timer 1st grader! (Big, big sigh).

Our family has this fun tradition that my Dad started with taking a special, family lunch box to school on the 1st day of first grade. When my dad was in 1st grade, ‘Space Cadet’ was a big time, big deal. And, he had the Tom Corbett — Space Cadet lunch box to prove it! Space Cadet were stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, coloring books and even punch out books in the 1950’s. It was like the Star Wars of its time! I think nowadays the lunch box sells for around $100 bucks on ebay.

I remember as a little girl, my dad always talking about that lunch box and getting it out of storage to show my brother, sister and … Read More »