Camping Trip

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Camping Trip

Just call me, “Mrs. Dad.” Yup, you heard it! This girly-girl took her boys camping! Well, sort of. Since Daddy was OOT for 3 days I had to get creative, right? (Thank goodness those little business buns found their way back to this campsite, today)! So Mommy, I mean, “ Mrs. Daddy” rather, packed up those sleeping bags and pillows and took this family camping…on the floor…in our bedroom.

Hey, it was 107 out there at 6pm last night…so I had to make some changes to our “camping trip.” Minor, I mean (major) changes! If truth be known, I did let these sweet boys talk me into camping in our tree house in the backyard…ummmm…for 2 seconds! When that plan started heating up, I went to Plan B (a much cooler option) and we hit the ground, I mean floor…sleeping!

Here’s how it went after we switched to air conditioning, aka: plan B. We packed up our sleeping bags, picnic baskets, pillows and oh yeah a few other “necessities” and headed to Antarctica (really, when you compare the two). These “necessities” consisted not of a trail map, extra batteries and a compass but apparently these types of “necessities:”

Camping Trip Essentials:

11 cars and 7 trains
2 Lego boxes stuffed to the brim
1 monster truck that holds 87 hot wheels cars
2 Build-A-Bear stuffed animals dressed ready to keep “watch”
Another 37 stuffed animals to keep the Build-A-Bear stuffed animals “company” and “safe”
5 flashlights (with or without batteries, we’ll take ‘em)
17 (extra) blankets
4 trophies, 2 medals (in case we see a park ranger who is interested in our accomplishments)
19 children’s books
46 baseball cards and
1 mop (because you need that to keep the ground clean)

Oh wait…and a picnic basket!

We made the hike upstairs to our bedroom and pitched our tent (or a sheet, which totally would have worked if “Mr. Mom” had been with us). After 34 bedtime stories and 4 rounds of saying our prayers, we ended the night, like we always do, sharing what we are grateful for. Here’s what these campers had to say last night:

6 year old: “I’m grateful for Mommy taking us on our 1st camping trip, Daddy who I wish was here with us tonight but gets back tomorrow thank goodness, my 2 brothers, and the earth, moon and trees. Wait… Mom, can we go outside real quick to look at the moon… since we are not really camping…outside?” (Oh yes, he did say this but actually in the most innocent and sweetest tone you’ve ever heard)

4 year old: I’m grateful for my brothers, Mommy & Daddy, my flashlights, my books, camping with Momma, and the
moon too!

This mom shared what I was grateful for last night with my boys, but here’s what I really wanted to say:

Dear God,
Thank you for giving me these sweet moments with my children. They teach me more than high school or college ever did. Tonight, I learned more than I ever dreamed I would learn. I was reminded how important it is that it’s not what you have in your life, but whom you have in your life that matters. Thank you for giving me these precious, precious times and memories made with my children that I will cherish forever. Thank you for signing me up for “Life Class”, which tonight, these important lessons were taught…once again:

Live in the moment
Be present
Go with the flow
Heaven is a state of mind
I don’t need to “go” somewhere to actually “be there”
Everything in my life is as it should be
Every day and in every way, I will live life to the fullest
Play more
Laugh more
All you need is love

And the one thing this Momma learned tonight…was how much fun a girl could have on a camping trip! Thank you, thank you and Nighty Night!

Affirmation: I enjoy being present and living in the moment! Today, I will practice being “here.”

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