Be in the moment

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Be in the moment

Ahhhh yes.  Be in the moment.  It sounds so easy, yet it can be so challenging.  This is one I’ve been working on for years…and especially now that I have kids.  I will say…practice makes…better!?!?  This was my challenge for myself this weekend.  I wanted to live for each moment, each minute and enjoy it rather than be the time keeper of our family schedule.

I must say at first, I had to keep reminding myself of my challenge to “be in the moment.”  It only took a few times to really get into it, but once I did, my weekend was truly fantastic!  You would have thought we went on vacation this weekend, that’s how good I felt about, well…life!  It’s amazing what living in the now, does for your spirit; your soul.  It causes us to slow down, calm down, think less and live more!!

Even my husband said to me this morning, “I had a really nice and enjoyable weekend.  I feel like we did a lot this weekend without doing anything…why is that?”  I felt the same way about our weekend too.  For me, it felt like a vacation.  At first I was reluctant to tell him about my little challenge I had taken on over the weekend, but then my smile made it impossible for me not to share with him my findings…

“Well babe, I think it probably had something to do with my mindset.  I tried extra hard this weekend to go with the flow, not think about time, or who needs a nap, or the dinner menu and what errand I need to run for next week’s agenda.  I decided to live more in the moment this weekend…and I think when I do that, I’m less stressed…and so are the kids.”  I laughed out-loud when I added in, “And…when I’m less stressed and the kids are less stressed, you too are less stressed!… and that might explain why our time together this weekend felt more like a vacation…”  : )

His response, “That’s really cool that you challenged yourself to that sort of task.  I’m proud of you.  I do think that when we decide to improve ourselves, it does effect everyone around us!”

My husband is one who doesn’t get stressed out easily.  He is the also the kind of dad that is “all in” with the kids the moment he walks in the door.  I sometimes find myself feeling jealous of how easy he makes it look to ‘live in the moment.’  I wish it were easier for me to not think about the laundry, dinner and the dishes and just be “all in” with my kids more often.   This weekend proved to me how living more in the moment definitely is more fun and definitely less stressful…duh!

On my way to pre-school today, I thought, ‘Even though I am improving on this ‘be in the moment’ task every day…how can I get  better?’   I came up with a plan…

We all know as parents that there will always be things that need to be done around the house.  But what if I truly make more “all in” time for my kids throughout my day, like I make time to fit in a work out?  When I say, “all in” this means, no thinking about anything else that needs to be “done” and truly being in the moment with just my sweet boys.  This also means, no phone calls and no texting.  This means, full attention on each moment spent with them for that certain allotted time.  I think it will be a great way for me to not only practice being in the moment which reaps wonderful rewards, but it will validate to our children that they are far more important to me than whether or not the dishes are done or the laundry is folded.

From what I witnessed this weekend with my challenge in the works…our boys felt like they were on vacation too!  They were having the time of their lives hanging out with us, happy as clams, feeling like we were doing a lot, without really doing anything!  And who wouldn’t want to feel more of that joy??  Sign. Me. Up…now! 

Affirmation:  I now choose to live in the moment.  It is safe for me to give up control.  I enjoy being aware of the present moment.  It opens wonderful new experiences for me. 

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