Baby’s First Words

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Baby’s First Words

Our baby-baby, said his first word…gosh I don’t really know when for sure, but I’d say a few months ago and he’s now 16 months old.  What was it, you ask???  Ummmm, it was…let’s see, which word was it…?

Yes, Mom…you can laugh with me now…just like you always told me about the 3rd child of the family… (which I am), things start to get a bit foggy.  Why does it have to be this way?  I’m trying SO hard to keep it all equal for each kid.  I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work! Life gets busier and busier with each new blessing added to the family.  I am working so hard to keep track of all his “firsts.”  Oh and that baby book…yup, just like my mom said…it’s pretty well, skinny.  Not quite as full as the other 2 boy’s baby books…yet.  (I still have high hopes for its future “fullness.”)

Hubby is in the same boat as me.  We both can’t remember for sure what baby-baby’s first word was.  I think it was probably “Daddy.”  I say this because baby-baby has been in a huuuuuge  ‘Daddy stage’  lately.  Side note:  I’m over in love with this stage.  J/K…it’s pretty much ad-dor-a-ble that he loves his daddy so much!

Hubby thinks his first word was…wait for it…yup…’poop’. Reason #333 why I could use a little girl around here!

Either way, I’m here to ah’hem…brag about how many words I know that he says now…at 16 months.  This baby-baby may not be truly walking (he’s takes steps here and there…but he’s no Usain Bolt yet), but sister…he is a talkin’.

Here are words that (I DO know and remember) our baby-baby says (so sweetly)…


Oh yes…and “Nana” (mainly for when he sees a banana. But don’t tell the real “Nana”… she’s all, so proud!)

And a few other words here and there that I can’t seem to think of whenever the doctor asks me how many words he’s saying…as if I’ve got my notebook on my hip at all times and writing them down.

However, I DO know his most recent word: “Go!”

As I was taking off his wet shorts due to a run-in with a brotherly water fight I said, “Ready?” and out of nowhere…our sweet baby-baby said, “Go!” as if it was no big deal.  Didn’t even look up at me like, ‘Did you hear that Mom? I said, “GO!”’ Nope.  Just acted like it was no big deal; like he’s known the whole “ready, set, go” drill all along.

My heart filled with pride (and astonishment) and I repeated the word, “Ready” about 17 more times just to hear that normal-turned-glorious word, “Go!” again and again! I realize that the word “go” is not a big word.  BUT, I think I was more taken aback by the fact that he knew that the word, “go” (usually) comes after “Ready?”….at least in this house any way!

I love how babies first words are seriously kind of like, well, Channing Tatum whispering sweet nothings into our little ears!  That must have been something God created in all of us Mommies…an overflowing love for the first words her baby speaks.

Here’s the deal: I am now fully aware (for the third time), that babies mimic us…no matter what it is we are saying. The challenge I’m giving myself for the next week especially, is to experiment with positive words and phrases to see if they can replace words and phrases (that I know may come here way too fast) such as: “No” and “I can’t” and “that’s too hard.”

What if we all tried this experiment? Wouldn’t it be so powerful? What if we all walked around our day demanding of ourselves that we only speak positive words? If even for just an hour and then maybe try 2 hours and then half of a day. Until eventually we’ve succeeded this challenge for an entire day! I’m up for it and I encourage you to try it too! Then, we can all share our successes of our “first words” that launched us in a new direction of empowering our children.

Affirmation: It is easy for me to speak positive words about everything as I go about my day.

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