Baby’s First Steps

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Baby’s First Steps

Where Did My Baby Go?

Today, our baby-baby took his first steps. It was complete and utter joy. It was also complete and utter sadness (for me). Why is that? Why do us females always have to go and get all sentimental about every little thing our babies do???

Walking is a big one though. We experience joy and pride that they conquered yet another milestone because it means they are progressing and growing exactly as they should be. However, it brings some sadness because it also confirms that they are becoming more and more independent each and every day.

Yes, independence is a beautiful thing. And a very healthy trait to express, but why do they have to display this characteristic so quickly? I’m sure it goes back to the caveman age…and how we needed to adapt on our own quickly in order to survive…but why is it that we are adults for such a long part of our lives and only babies for what, 12 months???

I feel like it was yesterday, I was carrying this sweet bubba in my belly and feeling his every move. Some nine months later, he was attached to my hip, quite happily I might add. And now, even though all of our babies were late walkers, some 16 months later, (and what I consider to have been far too quick), our baby can move about this world on his own as he chooses…for the most part. ; )

If I can be somewhat comical here, it’s almost like a gateway drug. (But a VERY healthy one at that)! ; ) In a few months he’ll be able to climb down off our bed on his own, then ride a tricycle, and then go off to preschool and make new friends on his own. Next up: he’ll be boarding the school bus and off to kindergarten he goes, where the innocence lessens dramatically. The next thing you know, he’s having sleepovers and going off to camp for a week and arriving back home a somewhat unrecognizable “tween.” All of a sudden…poof, just like that…he’ driving.

My mom always says, that when they get their driver’s license, it’s almost as if they’ve become an adult and moved out of the house already. If you think about it, it’s somewhat true. Yes, their maturity level is far from an adult’s maturity level at 16, but they don’t need you to take them here or there anymore. They can now get to and fro their activities, school and (girl) friends’ houses all on their own. (Deep breath here). She describes it to me with a comparison of being almost as hard as sending your child off to college. Shortly after this analogy, she adds salt to my wound by saying, “this is when you really lose control of your child’s every “move.”

Believe you me peeps, my boys will have “house rules” (as my Mother in-love likes to tell them when they visit her) when it comes to their driving privileges. They will have their curfews and their responsibilities we will (gladly) implement. But…let’s get real here, the control level definitely decreases at this point. Much how I am feeling tonight, while reflecting upon baby bubba’s big accomplishment earlier today…

But I know it’s all part of life. I know it’s all very healthy for not only him, but for me, as a parent. I mean, look at how proud of himself he is! Who doesn’t want their child to feel that sense of pride and confidence???

Letting go is just so hard to do. Even at this stage, when all I’m really letting go of here…is his hand.

(Big sigh…accompanied with an even bigger tear…met by a BIG smile)!

Affirmation (for Mommy who is having a hard time with change):

I cross all bridges with ease.  The “old” unfolds into enjoyable & amazing new experiences.

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