“…All things are Possible”

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“…All things are Possible”

This morning, I woke up in kind of a low-energy mood.  I don’t know why.  I slept great and I have so much to be grateful for…nothing pressing needs to get done today…I just couldn’t figure out a way to shake my mood.  I decided to go work out because that usually lifts my mood and helps jump start my day.  It worked for about an hour, but still found myself kind of melancholy.  Maybe it’s the weather, I thought?

Throughout the morning, I asked myself questions.  Are you feeling fear of some sort?  I dug deep and kept pondering what I could be “afraid of” that might have me in this weird kind of mood.

I had a couple of ideas of things that were weighing on my mind for future events…and figured that’s what it most likely was…I realized I was feeling doubt and fear of some things and goals I want to accomplish before the end of the year.  So, I decided to start working on changing my negative thoughts to good thoughts to just help me get to a better, good feeling state rather than a “Eyore” kind of mood.  Sometimes really trying to change those negative thoughts to positive thoughts can be a lot of work…and it was feeling that way for me today!

After finishing my lunch I walked over to my sink to clean off my plate.  I filled up my glass of water so I could take my daily vitamins.  As I was gulping down my tall glass of water, I looked up and saw what I needed to see at that very moment.   To me, it is some of the most important words spoken in the bible: “With God, all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

It was like someone was talking to me as I read that today…’Hello???  Are you listening, Ally?  Don’t you remember???…  “With God, all things are possible!”‘   I smiled and immediately felt my mood lift and shift…to a higher energy, a happier mood and I felt as if nothing could bring me down.

I realized at that very moment that it was only my negative thoughts keeping me from believing in myself and my goals and dreams.  I realized right then and there that I CAN do anything that I put my mind to…because, “With God, all things are possible,” and if I truly believe in those words…then what does that leave out?

A few years ago, I had this verse painted above our kitchen window.  I did it for several reasons…not just to remind myself of this daily…but my main purpose of having that verse painted above our kitchen window was for my kids to look at every single morning as they are eating their breakfast and heading off for the day.  What an important way to start their day!  And YOUR day too!

You too, can read this verse and remember such important and vital words.  Maybe make a little sign to put on your bedside table to look at every morning as you wake up and start your day and every night as you drift off to sleep.

So…IF ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with GOD…WHAT can’t you do???  Ask yourself this today!  Because, you CAN do ANYTHING you put your mind to…and that’s what Jesus is trying to share with us in the bible!  You just have to believe it!

Change your thoughts to good ones…and your life will change for the better!  I promise you that!  You just have to believe!


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  1. Jolene says:

    Great way to start the day! Everyone should remember this especially when starting a new or difficult project. Thanks!

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