Affirmations for Kids

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Affirmations for Kids

One of my biggest desires is to instill confidence, self esteem and self worth in children all around the world. I do believe that this would help eliminate all of the bullying going on at schools and on social media. Kids who are doing all the bullying are lacking self-worth and have little to no self-esteem at all. Rather than having an anti-bullying campaign, someday I’d like to promote a program about building up children’s self-esteem and self-love. And I’m excited to announce that that someday is coming soon…I’m really, really excited!!

My girlfriend and I are in the midst of creating such a positive program as well as writing a series of books to teach children how to build confidence as well as the power they have within them to achieve anything in life. I have many friends who have been practicing doing affirmations with their kids and they all have shared numerous and awesome stories about how much it has made a difference! I know this to be true because I practice it daily with my kids. When our youngest boy was 2 he would tell me or my husband, “we need tho do our affirmations today!”, I know this positive “practice” works for all ages…not to mention, my heart smiles as big as the ocean to know that our 2 year old was and still is excited about doing positive affirmations!!

Here is a free printable of affirmations for kids! A fun idea is to have your kids help you cut these out and pick out a few of their favorite affirmations to put on their vision board or to keep by their toothbrush to say each morning!

I laminated ours so that they last longer and I like to put them into our boys’lunch boxes to have at school as a reminder of their affirmation for the day! Get creative and enjoy!

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  1. Jolene says:

    So true! I love that you have included numerous affirmations and given us examples of how much your children enjoy. I am anxious o hear about your new venture to help children with bullying. Great post!

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