Affirmation Signs

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Affirmation Signs

You could say I was feeling a little creative last weekend.  And it all started when I saw the affirmation sign, “God Made You” on Pinterest.  I immediately contacted Jamie at The Creative Imperative and had prints made for our boys.  It was a fun exercise picking out the adjectives that describe both of our boys.  At the bottom of the print, their name is written almost as big as the ‘God Made You’ writing.  The finished product with their name is what makes it perfect!

What I found the most interesting is how many similar qualities the two oldest boys share…even though when I think about them both, they are two very different personalities!  One thing I know for sure is that God made all his children special…and that was what made choosing each adjective for each boy so enjoyable!

Due to the creative surge I was feeling, I wanted to DIY the custom prints I ordered from The Creative Imperative , so after I uploaded and printed them at Costco, I headed over to the craft store.  I purchased two 16 x 20 blank canvases, navy acrylic paint, a foam brush and some mod podge so that I could put ‘the mother’s touch’ into these signs.   I then got caaaraaazy and finished the God Made You affirmation sign for my boys myself, by painting the canvas navy on the edges and using mod podge to adhere the print to the canvas.  I am super proud of my finished product!

Actually, the most rewarding part of it all was our boys’ faces once they were hung in their room!   My hubby asked our 4 year old if he knew what his sign said.  Our 4 year old recognized his name but that was all he was able to read.  So my husband pointed to each of the powerful adjectives we chose for his sign and read them to him, explaining what each word meant.  The smile on our 4 year old’s face each time we read his adjectives was a smile I will always carry in my heart.  I could just see how special he felt from hearing what the sign said about him.  I will never forget that moment!  Thank you, thank you, Jamie at The Creative Imperative!  Not only did she create such a special time between my hubby, me and our sons but she also helped get my creative juices flowing because then…

I made these additional affirmation signs with some wood signs that I bought at a craft store, acrylic paint and a foam brush!  I already  have a few affirmation signs up around our house but I was feeling like I needed a few more to help keep our thoughts on the positive path throughout our day!  They are all over our house now and the boys love reading them.   Making our own affirmation signs was cheap and easy to do and the boys enjoyed helping me paint the wood signs before I wrote the affirmations on them!

One of my favorite affirmations is, “I will have time for everything I need to do today.”  This affirmation is so incredibly powerful for me every time I say it.  It immediately calms me and gives me the faith that I need to get through my day with as little amount of stress as possible.  With kids, as you all know, we find ourselves running all over the place and time can feel like our enemy.  This affirmation is like an hours worth of meditating for me.  Once I say it a few times in a row, or sometimes now all it takes is for me to say it once, I feel completely peaceful and at ease with life.  I no longer resist my busy schedule by thinking stressful thoughts of how little time I have to get it all done.  This affirmation allows me to be open and allowing to the universe and then wonderful experiences find me throughout my day; rather than stressful situations, due to my stressful way of thinking.  Hence, this homemade affirmation sign I made this weekend.  I have it sitting right near the door to our garage…for this is the door, the kids and I are always exiting in a fast, sometimes chaotic, pace!  I hope you’ll remember to use this affirmation throughout your day.  Start your day off by saying it right as you wake up…and watch how wonderful your day turns out to be!

Lastly, I made these “I am” affirmation signs for my boys bathrooms.  As they get ready and brush their teeth in the morning, they can look at these, “I am LOVED, I am BRAVE, I am KIND” signs and be reminded of how special they are before they go about their day.  I sometimes have them say it out-loud.  Our 4 year old is just beginning to read, and this “I am” sign is a good way to get him started on some site words…among other good things this sign does for their self-worth!

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to go create your own affirmation signs today!  Even if you don’t feel that you are a creative person…all you have to say as you begin is today’s affirmation which is:

“I am creative.  I create beautiful masterpieces and beautiful experiences every where I go today.”

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  1. jamie says:

    They turned out great!!! I love the other signs too 🙂

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