Affirmation bracelets

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Affirmation bracelets

They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrre!  I am BEYOND excited!  One of my besties and I were talking one day and we came up with this adorable and fun way to help kids remember to think positively:  hello, affirmation bracelets!!   And, if your kiddos are like my kiddos, sometimes they forget what their affirmation is for the day…and now here is a wonderful way to help them remember!!

What I hope these bracelets will do, is travel the world and help teach children near and far about the power of doing, thinking, speaking and writing positive affirmations!  If this is your first time to my site, please visit my Why Affirmations page and my About Me page to learn more about the benefits and power of doing affirmations.

Here are a few (true) short stories about how affirmations have helped our children in the short time we have been doing and practicing positive affirmations:

Our 4 1/2 year old and I were getting into Nana’s car to run a quick errand.  As I often am, I was in a hurry.  I jumped in the passenger seat and buckled myself, knowing that our 4 year old knows how to get into his car seat and buckle himself too.  I said, “Are you buckled?”  He said, “Not yet, Mama.”  I said, “Ok well, get buckled…hurry!”  What felt like 5 minutes but was probably 5 seconds later, he still was not fully buckled.  I said, “Buddy, do you want me to help you?  Sometimes Nana’s seat belt in her car is kind of hard.”  He replied, “Mom…it is not hard.  It is easy.  It is all in how you think.  If you think it will be hard, then it will be.  If you think it will be easy, then it will be easy.  You have to think it, first.”   Click…went his seatbelt.   After I acknowledged how correct our little guy was and how he caught my mistake,…tears ran down my cheeks.  Truest of all true stories.

Our family was over at our neighbors house on a Friday night.  The adults were downstairs gabbing away while all the kids were upstairs playing.  When we got home from their house, I said to our oldest son who is 7, “What did you guys play upstairs?”  He replied, “Legos.”  I said, “Oh, was it fun?  What did you build?”  He said, “Well Mom, when Joe said that he wasn’t good at building legos, I told him this:  “If you think you aren’t good, then you probably won’t ever be good at building legos.  But if you say, ‘I am great at building legos,’ you will get better and better at building legos.  You have to think positively first and then you can become whatever you want to become.” –My heart smiled and almost burst with pride when he told me this story.  This story also exemplifies how powerful teaching children affirmations, at such a young age, will help them get through their doubts, their worries all while helping them achieve their dreams along the way too!

One of my besties, (the one who helped me come up with this idea of making these affirmation bracelets) woke up early one morning and decided to work out to a positivity pod cast she found.  It helped start her morning off so well, that she put it on speaker in her kitchen when her children were just coming down for breakfast.  Because she too, has been practicing doing affirmations with her kids via The Affirmation CAN, her son walked into the kitchen and heard the positive pod cast and said, “Mom…Mom….turn that up!  They are saying AFFIRMATIONS!!”   –What I love the most about this story is how her son is now truly recognizing what an affirmation is when he hears one!  Love that.

One last story about how even 3 & 4 year olds understand affirmations when you begin teaching them:

I was doing some housework when I realized that it was rather quiet downstairs…as I’m sure you know as a parent…sometimes quiet doesn’t exactly equal, well,…good.  So, I come racing down the stairs to see what he was up to and I found him coloring away at our kitchen table.  I felt a tad guilty for not trusting his “quietness” in the first place and I asked him just for fun, “Whatcha doing, buddy?”  He said, “Coloring a picture for Joe.” I said, “Oh that is so nice of you.”  He said, “Well Mom, my affirmation today is, “I am a good friend” so I wanted to do something nice for my friend.  Can we go give this picture to him today?”  Another proud moment for me.   I squeezed him tight, told him I was proud of him and made sure that we gave his friend that adorable picture that day!  Guess what?  The next day, his friend dropped off a picture for our son too.  I wish I had taken a picture of our 4 year old’s face when he was given that picture in return.  One I will never forget!  –Please don’t underestimate what those little sponges can learn from you, as their parent!

Because it was my oldest son who inspired me to do this blog, who always walks around saying, “Today is the best day ever” (before I even began teaching him about the power of affirmations) and because of the story I just shared with you above about “I am a good friend,”  here are the other affirmation bracelets I have made to help children remember to think positively.

The affirmation bracelets package include these affirmations:

  • I am loved. I am brave. I am creative (white band, red lettering)
  • Every day I get better and better  (white band, orange lettering)
  • Think. Speak. Be Positive.  (white band, blue lettering)
  • I am a good friend. (white band, purple lettering)
  • Today is the best day ever.  (white band, green lettering)

To start this party off right, I am offering the first 25 people who subscribe to my blog, a set of 5 affirmation bracelets as a thank you for helping me teach children the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations.

I will be offering these bracelets for sale on my blog and I am SO excited to tell you that for every affirmation bracelet set sold, we will be donating one set to a charity for children! (will announce which charity, very soon) .  The sets currently include the 5 affirmation bracelets in the picture above.

Thank you, as always for taking the time to read this blog!  I hope it has inspired you in some way…

 Today’s affirmation:  Today is the best day ever!


9 responses to “Affirmation bracelets”

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE these bracelets. How can I buy them? I haven’t been getting your posts in my email for some reason, so just got caught up on some of your recent posts. I’m so inspired. Thank you for helping me feel better about a tricky transitional time with my boys. I’m ready for tomorrow to be the best day. 🙂

  2. Abi says:

    I stumbled across your blog when looking for inspiration for a group activity based on affirmations for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. When they are admitted to rehab they are usually at their lowest point and need lots of support to regain self-esteem. Your blog has inspired me in recognising the importance of positive affirmation for the people I work with and for my own children, thank you 🙂

    • A says:

      Thanks, Abi. You just MADE my week! I’d be happy to send you a set of affirmation bracelets as my thank you for helping others, if you email me your address! Thanks for visiting my blog!! You are making a difference too! -A

  3. The world is a sunnier place because Ally is in it.

  4. Jodie Regan says:

    Hello! I’m preparing my lessons for summer camp. I will be teaching over 100 children that they are loved and wonderful. What would be the chance that I could get 100 sets?? And how much would that cost?? We’re in California. Many blessings to you.

    • A says:

      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help out such an amazing summer camp such as yours!! Please email me at: and we can discuss a reasonable price and also would love to hear more about your camp!!! Thank you for contacting me!!


  5. Cherie says:

    Loving your blog and affirmation bracelets…If I use your buy now, do you ship to New Zealand, and if so at what cost….also, thinking of starting my own store, online to begin with then retail all going to plan, if so, do you have a wholesale price for a quantity of orders, ie 10 sets = ?…thanks cherie

  6. Cherie says:

    Bracelets arrived, they are absolutely amazing and perfect, thank you sooo much. What a fantastic idea and the words you’ve chosen as so right and uplifting. Thank you for making my day Cherie (New Zealand)

  7. Mary says:


    I’d love a set of bracelets for a preschool group that I’m working with about positive affirmation. These would be great!


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