We are all equally beautiful, creative, gifted, loving people. We are each unique and different, yet the
same. All of us come from the same divine love that created us! We are all here on this earth to help
one another, discover our purpose, deepen our spirit and find our authentic self! You are extraordinary
and if you don’t think you are…well together, we can work on that…after all, it’s just a thought (away.)

BUT….since you asked, here is a little bit about me:

My typical day is a whirlwind of activities involving baseball gloves, legos, piano lessons, sporting
events, play dates, car pooling to school and pre-school, bedtime stories, and if it’s Sunday…Church.
I’m the co-captain of a ship that runs through smooth waters and rough seas, and I feel
so fortunate to be a major influence in my three young boys’ lives.

I am always striving to improve myself and especially now as a mom. I am no different than all of you
out there who just want the best for our children. That’s how “Feeding Sparrows” was conceived in
me. We are all in constant practice of trying to create the best lives for our children.
I’m always looking for ways to build their confidence; to teach them daily how to be kind to everyone,
to make the right decisions in life, and instill great values.

Through all this neverending trial and error of “learning how to be a parent”, I’ve discovered that
teaching our children positive affirmations helps open their souls to discover their true potential and
instills in them a great self image. Isn’t that one of the most important lessons we as parents can deliver
to our children? Positive affirmations unlock many amazing doors in their hearts and minds and can
help them get through obstacles, times of doubt and I believe even a very common problem that so
many children face today….anxiety.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I experienced my first panic attack. I didn’t know what was
actually happening to me other than I thought I was dying. What truly puzzled me is that it came out
of nowhere! I mean, I was shopping…of all things!! After my second panic attack, I decided I needed
to take charge and figure out why this was happening and how I could change it. I came across several
books and what I discovered was the main thread in all of these teachings was that I had to change
the way I was thinking. My anxiety was all coming from my thoughts…and the way I was choosing
my thoughts. I needed to change my thoughts to those that were good. I needed to choose the good
thoughts and eliminate, or change course, when those negative or fearful thoughts would arise! It was
like a light bulb for me! The outside, material world wasn’t making me anxious. I was making myself

Little did I know that those few panic attacks were actually blessings! They led me to this new
understanding, this new awakening, that I had the power to choose what I wanted to think. It was very
challenging at first. Like most of us, I often felt that I couldn’t help or control what I thought. And no,
my transformation didn’t happen overnight. I still work on it every day. But today, most of my thoughts
are positive thoughts that come from a positive place. And those that are not, I can now catch myself if
and when I start to wander.

However, it all starts with us, as parents, to offer the tools that can only help our children create positive
experiences in their lives. Moreover, while affirmations can help us all manifest the outcomes we
desire……. by teaching our children to choose positive words at such an early age, we are helping them
build this wonderful foundation that can only enrich their lives.

Everyday, we have our 3 boys choose their own affirmation out of the affirmation canto start their day on the right foot. (See post on “The Affirmation Can“) It is such a delight to see their excitement each morning about which affirmation they will choose! Moreover, it’s the joy I feel when I witness them using their affirmations in all sorts of situations, whether it be for a certain goal they wish to achieve (riding a bike) or to help them through a difficult challenge such as dealing with anxiety.

I have always felt this burning flame inside of me to help make this world truly a better place than it was
when I arrived. I’m just following my inspiration where it leads me. Right now, it led me to imagine and
now, give birth to this blog and hopefully, in return share my insight with you. Through this, I’m here to
help build our “nests” for our little sparrows, to teach them not just how to fly…but to SOAR!

Below is an affirmation that I use that might be helpful to you………remember ………affirmations are like
exercise reps. If your exercise routine exists of only one rep, and you only do that exercise routine
once……….you will not produce the physical body you are trying to achieve. It’s the same thing with
affirmations. Think of them as reps for your soul. They must be done daily and multiple times. And
after awhile, you start to see results!…Not just good results, great results. Not only in kids
but in yourself as well.

I use this affirmation throughout my day and have taught our kids to say it too. I continue to be
amazed at how it even helps me through the simplest tasks or situations. It’s also helped me with
the bigger challenges which I like to call tiny miracles. Try it and make it a part of your routine too

Today is the best day ever! All is well. Everything is working out in its divine time! I am safe.’


(PS. I love country music, fashion and talking to the elderly!) ; )