5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Giving

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5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Giving

I believe it’s never too early to start teaching your kids about acts of kindness…here are some fun and easy ways to teach your kids about the gift of giving!

“Family Ties”: Start with your kiddos by just practicing the gift of giving of their time to family: Have them give their time to help each family member with something each day. Whether it be helping mom gather all the dirty clothes and sorting them into piles of darks and light colors to load into the washer. (My kids LOVE to do this little chore). Or helping dad, wash the car. It can also be as simple as helping their sibling learn a new board game or teaming up together to make their beds. Let them know how helpful they are being throughout their time of giving.

“Oh Say Can You…Give?” Write a thank you to our troops for serving and look up on a website of possible items they are in need of: such as toiletries, soap or blankets. Maybe you have a few of these unused items around your house and as a family you could send a care package of these items. There are lots of websites out there of ideas and ways we can give back to our troops. One of my personal favorites is www.Operation Gratitude.com If you click under the link: “Get Involved” it will direct you on ways you can help and give.

“That was de-lish…did you find that recipe on Pinterest?” Make food for someone: Ask your kids if they want to be pretend to be a chef and give them a few (easy) recipes they can help make. Let them choose from choices such as: banana bread, cookies or a yummy homemade snack mix. Brainstorm together about who the recipe should be specially made for: Is it your elderly neighbor or someone who isn’t feeling well, or even if just a friend that had a difficult day that you know about…or maybe just make it for someone you love for no reason at all!

“Oh The Places You’ll Go!” Do you happen to have any unused children’s books sitting around your house? Perhaps a Dr. Seuss book or Goodnight Moon? Gather these sorts of books and drop them off to a children’s hospital, or a Ronald McDonald house. Tell them how much it will mean to a mother of a preemie who is required to stay for a lengthy time and can bond with her new baby by reading them a new book. Or maybe it will be for a child who is sick and would be comforted by a sweet story read to them by a family member or care giver. Make sure you take your kiddos with you to drop off the books that they helped gather!

“Dear Abby” Sit down with your kiddos and ask them who they feel would really enjoy receiving a nice letter from them today? Is it Aunt Patti, Grandpa Johnny, a piano teacher or even just a friend down the street. Have them write a short letter telling that special someone 3 things they admire or like about them. Not only is this a great way to practice giving kindness, it is a great way to practice gratitude with your children. Let them tell you why they are so grateful to have that certain someone in their lives!

It’s never early OR too late to start teaching your kids about giving! To be honest, my kids were hesitant when I first told them that we were going to “spread some kindness” today. However, as soon as I told them a story about how good it feels when someone does something nice for you, and that it feels even better to give than to receive, their little voices started shouting, “Let’s do it, Mommy!”


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