Posted on June 17th, by Ally in Mama Bird's lessons, Nesting Necessities. 1 Comment

Lately, I’ve been asked many times if our three boys have similar personalities or completely different personalities?

I actually love when people ask me this question, for many reasons.  The main reason being that it allows me to reflect on each of our boys very special personalities and spirits.  (Like my best friend Brandi likes to call it:  our YOUnique personalities).

This is how I usually begin my response to this question:

‘You know it’s funny…before we had our second child, I just kind of assumed that our second child would be very similar to our first child.  I guess I assumed this because this child is coming from the same set of parents and gene pool.   Yet I don’t know why I had such a silly thought like this because I know that my brother, sister and I all come from the same set of parents and we are all three very different beings.  I have never even come across any siblings who are all similar, so again, why would I think for two seconds that our children would be similar too?     Oh and to answer your question:  Our three boys couldn’t be more different from each other…and I have … Read More »