Yes, Yes, & Yes!

Posted on June 4th, by Ally in Mama Bird's lessons. 2 comments

The past few months have come and gone so quickly. With spring break and a trip to Colorado for Easter, spring soccer and baseball, my husband traveling more than usual, and school getting out…it’s like, I came up for air and it’s now, June.

Lately, with all three boys home all day (which I absolutley LOVE), I have noticed that I have said a lot of, “No.” “No.” and “No.” to our boys. Ugh. Sigh. I don’t like how I feel when I say that word. Just thinking about it right now, kind of makes my stomach sour.

Today, as I was on the eliptical machine at the gym, (with just me, myself and my thoughts), it allowed me time to reflect on little things that make me feel good! I came to the conclusion that I really feel the best when I say “Yes!” This means, yes to questions, yes to people, yes to invitations, and most importantly, yes to life!! As soon as I started thinking of all the people and things I look forward to saying, “Yes!” to, I had a HUGE “aha” … Read More »