Day 11 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-gratitude

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


What is the first thing you do or think about when you wake up?

Do you rush out of bed in a frenzy to get the kids fed and off to school, all the while raising your voice like a drill sergeant only to leave you with feelings of guilt and anguish for how your morning started? Or do you begin your day with thoughts of gratitude for your blessings, leaving you feeling refreshed, joyful and eager to start the new day?

Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude can make a huge difference in how your day proceeds. As more of your thoughts and words become positive, you’ll start attracting more & more positive experiences.

By expressing gratitude, it helps create positive energy inside you that radiates out into the world around you and in return, helps create wonderful experiences for you. This is when good things start to happen everywhere you turn. People will begin to gravitate toward you because you’re so refreshing to be around. They want to inhale the energy you emanate so they too, can feel the … Read More »

Day 10 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-happiness

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


Abe Lincoln said “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Not everyone is born with a happy disposition. But psychologists say that we can be trained to be happy. The key to training ourselves to be happy is a small change in thinking. We have to first be open to change and changing the way we think. Happiness affirmations can help you change your thinking.

Doing happiness affirmations is so important because it helps train our brains to learn how to think more happy thoughts than negative thoughts. It helps us replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts; thoughts that make us feel good.

Unfortunately, too many of us associate being happy with making more money, acquiring materialistic things, losing weight, achieving this or that, etc. However, once we do acheive these “things” that we tell ourselves will make us “happier,” we then want more, leaving us feeling dissatisfied…thus feeling unhappy.

This is a tough lesson I have to keep teaching my children. They think once they get this certain toy, then they will be happy. I have to explain to them … Read More »

Day-9 in the 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-love & healing

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


This is a challenging affirmation for a lot of us. Our culture has taught us that only medicine can heal our bodies. While I believe medicine is great, I also believe it is not the only answer.

If we really go within ourselves and listen to our soul and spirit, we will realize the incredible power we have to help heal our bodies.

You are strong. You are extra-ordinary. Extra-ordinary means that you have an extra-ordinary power within you to create harmony in your body. Harmony equeals health…on every level; mind, body, soul.

We have healing abilities that we are not even aware that we have. Believe in yourself. Believe in your spirit and your soul. Believe in your power. Believe in your power to heal.

In the book, “The Course of Miracles,” it says “a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” Marianne Williamson, an author of the book, “Return to Love” says that “when our hearts are closed off, we are ‘deflecting the miracle which would otherwise be happening.’”

Let’s try opening … Read More »