Postive Kid-firmations Part 2

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Just like I promised!  Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series is here!  If you missed last week’s Positive “Kid-firmations” blog post, please go check it out and get started teaching your children how to use these powerful affirmations to create positive experiences for them throughout their day!  I know you will see some awesome things happen to your children and your relationship with your children when you start practicing doing positive affirmations together!

Speaking of relationships…Part 2 of my Positive Kid-firmations series:  RELATIONSHIPS!

Building relationships is happening all over your children’s world and they don’t even realize it yet.  They are doing this by making friends at the park, at school, at church, in their neighborhood, with their sports involvement and other activities like piano or dance.  They are constantly meeting new people and at the same time, forming and diving deeper into already created relationships.  This is why it is important that our children feel they are loved, worthy and deserving of having harmonious and wonderful relationships with the people they surround themselves with…especially when we are not able to be at their side at every moment (big sigh for me here).

This is the reason why I started this series (Part 1) with self-esteem Positive … Read More »

Positive “Kid-firmations”

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It dawned on me this weekend that I haven’t offered any suggestions to my readers yet on how to create affirmations for your children AND for yourself!   Hello???  We all could use a little boost sometimes to get us started with anything we do in life, right?  Soooo, today starts a 5 part series in my Positive Kid-firmations boost series to get you all rockin’ and rollin’ with creating those positive affirmations to help you children succeed in any area of their life!

The 5 part series will include positive affirmations for:

Self Esteem

First I’d like to explain that positive affirmations are successful when:

They are said and/or written in present tense–‘I am very good at math.’  Rather than, ‘I will be great at math.’
They are short (for kids especially).  The shorter they are, the easier they are to remember and it keeps us focused on our desired outcome.
They are specific on what you DO want— “I achieve A’s on all my math tests.”  The goal is now specified, easier to visualize and again, easier to stay focused on the desired result.
They are written down.  If you are looking for even more ways to create your desired outcome, writing down your affirmation a lot of times, helps manifest what we really want.
 They are believable.  If the … Read More »

Friday Fav Giveaway

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Did somebody say, Giveaway???  Uh, yeah!!!

I’m so excited about this Friday’s Favorites GIVEAWAY from BFF BAZAAR!  There is nothing sweeter than having a custom made necklace with the names of your kiddos displayed on it (or dog, cat, or pet hamster)!   ; )  They are now one of my Friday Favorites!!  Love them!

BFF Bazaar is not just jewelry, but custom stamped jewelry that you can help design and create yourself, or leave it to the professionals, Tammy & Amy at BFF Bazaar to create something that suits your style!!   BFF Bazaar offers custom necklaces, key chains, rings, bracelets and they even do custom canvas art and can create something custom to paint your kids’ room too!  This is what makes BFF Bazaar…so awesomely…well, BAZAAR!

There is something for everyone at BFF Bazaar.  You can design a piece for yourself, for your child, your mom, dad, athlete, friend…a’hem, um…me, whoever!  Hehe!  Just kidding…(not really though)!

Whenever I wear my custom made BFF Bazaar necklace stamped with our boys names on it, they love it and it makes them feel soooo special!!

Ok, ok…I’ll get to the GIVEAWAY part already….geesh!  (And I thought my boys were impatient)…

BFF Bazaar is giving away a free custom necklace of your choice!!

Here’s how to enter for your … Read More »

Snack Attack

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Lately, granola bars and grapes just aren’t cuttin’ it for my boys when it comes to snacks.  Especially when our oldest boy gets home from school around 4 o’clock….”sta. arv. ing.”

Our boys are very much bread boys.  Bread seems to “get ‘er done” until dinner time arrives, much better than the ole’ granola bar or grape action.  I was having to come up with 3-4 snacks for our oldest until his growing stomach was satisfied and that got old, reeeeeaaaal fast.

Soooo, here are three healthy, filling snack ideas that involve bread that seem to work well with our boys.  I bought these items at Costco, so these snacks are not only easy to make (my 7 year old can make them), but also pretty cheap to keep in stock at our house too.  I thought I’d share them with you if you too, have some dough boys in your casa!  Enjoy!

Ingredients for “Peanutbready”

Whole Wheat Bread
Peanut Butter

Ingredients for “Hummingbread”

Whole Wheat Bread
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (or regular)

Ingredients for “Strawbready”

Whole Wheat Bread
Strawberry Cream Cheese low fat (or regular)

Affirmation:  I enjoy cooking and sharing food with others!  I am a great cook!

Click on Snack Attack title to see full post with more pictures



Dear Children

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Yesterday a group of friends and I volunteered for the Special Olympics.  It was another one of those awakening moments for me.  I ‘d like to share with you what I learned.

We were assigned the concession stand at a soccer tournament.  There were 6 of us girls there to do a 2 person job.  I didn’t feel very useful.  I wanted to do more, give more, help more…probably deep within me, I was yearning to grow more.  Feeling futile, I set out to find the coordinator to see what else we could do to be of service to them.  When I found her, she said, “I would love it if some of you could go cheer and be supportive of our local teams we have out here today.  They would love that.  They don’t always have the family support from home and any extra support we can give them, would make their day.”

At first, I thought…’Really, that’s it?  Just stand there, clap and be supportive?  I thought we signed up to do something…’  I have to admit, it wasn’t until I was actually cheering and observing my surroundings that it actually sunk in…hit me upside the head…sent chills down my … Read More »

From one season to the next…

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It’s that time again…for my Friday Fall Favs!  I know I said this last week, but this post is literally for all you hot mama’s out there!

It’s that weird ‘time of year’ where I am sick of my summer clothes and ready to wear fall clothes…but not sure a.) that I’m up for “sweating it out” in my fall attire and b.) is it appropriate to rush right into the fall attire when it is still 97 degrees outside???

To help me with this mini-dilemma, I teamed up with professional fashion stylist, Melissa Brace Oliver, owner of The Butterfly Effect.  Some of her clients include Jen Plas from the “Hey, It’s Jen”  Shawnee Mission Kia commercials and winner of Survivor Guatemala 2005, Danni Boatwright Wiegmann.  Melissa showed me that it is possible to ease into fall by doing this fun little concept:

Take a summer dress from your closet and just add a few fall layers.  In this shot, we added a lacey long sleeve shirt, denim jacket and threw on a belt with cute booties to boot!  hehe!  What a perfect way to walk right into fall!…if you don’t step in dog doo-doo…like me in the above pic!

If I can do this fashion trick…anyone can do it!  And … Read More »

Dream Catcher

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I was giving our boys a bath the other night and our 4 year old said, “Mom, when I was over at Joe’s house he had this thing hanging from his wall with feathers on it and he said that it keeps away all the bad dreams…can I get one of those?”

I knew right away what he was talking about because I remember being young and seeing a dream catcher at a few of my friends’ houses and wanting one for my room too.  I told him that I would be happy to start looking for a dream catcher in the next week or so…but, if you know our 4 year old, you know he is a persistent little sparrow.

Hence my ‘dreaming up’ how to make our own little dream catchers…DIY style!

Do dream catchers really work, you ask?  Well, so far so good over in this dreamland…but you can decide for yourself!

And if you’re a little curious about the meaning behind a dream catcher…here is what I now know about it:

A dream catcher is made up (normally, ha) of a wooden hoop containing a web-like design in the middle.  At the bottom of the hoop it contains 2 or more dangling feathers.  The … Read More »

Be in the moment

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Ahhhh yes.  Be in the moment.  It sounds so easy, yet it can be so challenging.  This is one I’ve been working on for years…and especially now that I have kids.  I will say…practice makes…better!?!?  This was my challenge for myself this weekend.  I wanted to live for each moment, each minute and enjoy it rather than be the time keeper of our family schedule.

I must say at first, I had to keep reminding myself of my challenge to “be in the moment.”  It only took a few times to really get into it, but once I did, my weekend was truly fantastic!  You would have thought we went on vacation this weekend, that’s how good I felt about, well…life!  It’s amazing what living in the now, does for your spirit; your soul.  It causes us to slow down, calm down, think less and live more!!

Even my husband said to me this morning, “I had a really nice and enjoyable weekend.  I feel like we did a lot this weekend without doing anything…why is that?”  I felt the same way about our weekend too.  For me, it felt like a vacation.  At first I was reluctant to tell him about my little … Read More »