The Affirmation CAN

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What is in the Goodie box today???

Creating an affirmation can for your children, your family or yourself is a fun way to get everyone excited to start doing affirmations each day! Our children love coming down to breakfast every morning to choose their affirmation out of the affirmation can! What will it be today? It is almost like a special surprise that they look forward to every day!

If you are not familiar with doing affirmations, please see my page on “Why Affirmations?” to get more information on the benefits of using affirmations with your children (as well as yourself). Doing affirmations each day is what inspired me to start this entire blog, Feeding Sparrows.

An affirmation “CAN” is just an idea I came up with to introduce doing affirmations daily with my children. It is a can (or you could use a box, jar, basket, bucket, tin can or fun treat bag) that holds affirmations that you can create (or use mine) for your children to choose and say throughout their day.  I love the name we gave it, because it truly helps instill in your children that they CAN do anything they set their mind out to do!

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Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored

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“Mom…I’m bored!”

Yup…it’s Summa-time! And this is the expression that we hear oh I don’t know, 1 too many times?
I was talking to my cute and creative neighbor about this so called, “problem,” and here is a solution that was mentioned:

Why not decorate a cute box or a little basket and put all sorts of ways to serve someone or give back to someone for every time they say they are bored? What about naming the basket, or box?” Our family has a jar we decorated called, the ‘Spreading Kindness Jar.’ Afterall, the outcome is a sure fire way to spread kindness and to make someone smile when it’s all said and done.

BTW, this is not a punishment for expressing that funny old phrase, this is just a solution to their boredom. This can also be used over fall or winter breaks when the kids are out of school for a long period of time. The ideas that you come up with to place in your ‘kindness jar’ should be fun and easy ways to practice giving and kindness.

Here are just some ideas to get you started. It’s actually quite fun to come up with your own ways to give to someone. … Read More »

Shower Confessional

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I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that all of my inspirations and great ideas all come to me in the shower.  I step in the shower thinking how grateful I am to even find the time in my day to take a shower and that’s when the ideas appear out of nowhere!

The good energy I get from the peacefulness of my shower just starts flowing and I start to feel inspired.   Sometimes, I find myself wavering on the question, ‘should I get out of the shower this second and write all these great ideas down?’  Yet, I want to stay in this “sanctuary” for more reasons than I can list.  It is refreshing, it is serene, it makes me happy, it smells delicious in here AND it is quiet!  Again and again, day after day, the inspirations, the good thoughts, come to me as fast and as abundant as the water running down my back!

However, it wasn’t always this way.  It was quite the opposite, actually.  My thoughts used to be different when I stepped in the shower.  They used to go something like this:

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