1st day of 1st grade tradition

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1st day of 1st grade tradition

Some moms cannot wait for this day to come. I on the other hand, feel the opposite way about its arrival. I am such a sentimental gal, that this day is just another reminder to me of how fast time flies. I know it is so cliche’ but it truly just felt like yesterday he was starting his 1st day of pre-school and now he is a big timer 1st grader! (Big, big sigh).

Our family has this fun tradition that my Dad started with taking a special, family lunch box to school on the 1st day of first grade. When my dad was in 1st grade, ‘Space Cadet’ was a big time, big deal. And, he had the Tom Corbett — Space Cadet lunch box to prove it! Space Cadet were stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, coloring books and even punch out books in the 1950’s. It was like the Star Wars of its time! I think nowadays the lunch box sells for around $100 bucks on ebay.

I remember as a little girl, my dad always talking about that lunch box and getting it out of storage to show my brother, sister and me. At the time, I remember thinking my dad is so weird for caring so much about his lunch box! But now as a grown woman, I’m thinking just like that John Meyer song, “83” ‘whatever happened to my (strawberry shortcake metal) lunchbox?’ “(Ah’hem, Mom…I’m talking to you?…like why didn’t we save that puppy?) Fo sho, I could sell that thing on ebay today for some cash-olah…but then again, would I want to do that? Probably not. I’d do just as my dad did. I’d save it for our little girl to take it to school on her first day of 1st grade. Which is what my dad had my brother do too. Although my brother recalls, feeling a bit bummed that he didn’t get to take his brand new Star Wars Hans Solo lunch box to school on his 1st day of school. He says now, he is thankful for being part of a family tradition that will carry on for decades to come.

So the night before our oldest son’s 1st day of 1st grade, my dad shows up with his very old school ‘Space Cadet’ lunch box for bubba-bear to carry on the tradition. Our oldest son is such a good sport. He kindly agreed, although I knew like my brother, he too was a bit bummed not to be taking his brand new Star Wars lunch box his Auntie Megan gave him for his birthday. He wasn’t afraid to tell us how “old and dirty” it was and how no one is going to know what his lunch box even is…I think and hope he too will be happy and proud to know he helped carry on this family tradition someday!

Family traditions are so cool! Even if they are small things like pancakes on Saturday mornings, Grandma’s house every Sunday night for dinner, going as a family to pick out a real Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner or something so ‘old school’ like taking an heirloom lunch box to your 1st day of 1st grade. It gives children such special and warm childhood memories. It also gives them a feeling of security and that they belong to a special, one of a kind, family.

Even if you have a family tradition already, think of starting another one today or in the future. Children crave the feeling of belonging and to know that they are safe and part of something very special…this is just another way to express your love for them and for your family!

AFFIRMATION: I am surrounded by a loving family and I am safe and loved!

(New school clothes from:  Blue shorts: H&M, blue & grey shirt: Walmart, green shorts: Target, turquoise top: Children’s place, baby turquoise shorts: Target, baby Green polo: Baby Gap)

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