The Power of Love

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“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope.”
-Maya Angelou

Today, I was at the gym and listening to a podcast about health. The podcast said something like this, “In order to heal our bodies, we must first begin by loving ourselves…we must first get our minds in the right place to receive healing and to be open to healing, and this means, feeling worthy of healing and health…which starts with loving ourselves…God loves us no matter what, this is how we must love ourselves too. Then, when medicine is needed, it has the best environment to do it’s job. It flows freely rather than in an environment that is resisting health.” (This is not word for word exact from the podcast, but it’s pretty close).

Yesterday as I was doing the laundry, I turned on “Super Soul Sunday” with Oprah and Maya Angelou. Maya was brought to tears when she talked about healing and love and how much she knows God loves her, no matter what…and that love helps heal. We must first start with love and what I’ve been discovering lately, is that we all need to know that we … Read More »

Vision Board for kids

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This past weekend my friends and I held a mini spiritual retreat at my house. (THAT will be another post)! ; )

One of the sessions we held was “Unleashing your creativity to set your intentions for 2014.” It was a great session teaching us how to find our creativity in every day life and also, how to use our creativity to help manifest our purpose in life. During this session we made vision boards for 2014. It was a great way to start off a new year.

I have an ongoing vision board in our office at home. I have been adding things to it and taking things off of it for at least 5 years. I must admit I haven’t probably looked at it with much intention in the last 3-6 months. When I re-visited it, I almost fell over when I realized how a few things on my board had come true….but in a different way than I had imagined them to manifest in my life. They had EXCEEDED my intentions and that is what I think caused me to stop still in my tracks with amazement. … Read More »

Yes, Yes, & Yes!

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The past few months have come and gone so quickly. With spring break and a trip to Colorado for Easter, spring soccer and baseball, my husband traveling more than usual, and school getting out…it’s like, I came up for air and it’s now, June.

Lately, with all three boys home all day (which I absolutley LOVE), I have noticed that I have said a lot of, “No.” “No.” and “No.” to our boys. Ugh. Sigh. I don’t like how I feel when I say that word. Just thinking about it right now, kind of makes my stomach sour.

Today, as I was on the eliptical machine at the gym, (with just me, myself and my thoughts), it allowed me time to reflect on little things that make me feel good! I came to the conclusion that I really feel the best when I say “Yes!” This means, yes to questions, yes to people, yes to invitations, and most importantly, yes to life!! As soon as I started thinking of all the people and things I look forward to saying, “Yes!” to, I had a HUGE “aha” … Read More »

Mission…TOTALLY possible!

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This morning I overheard our 7 year old telling our 5 year old,

“Oh that would be IMPOSSIBLE!”

I don’t know what they were referring to, as they were just coming down the stairs, but I found it hard to hold back my next comment,

“Actually honey, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and trust in God. Remember the quote we have above our kitchen window, buddy? It says, ‘With God, all things are possible.’

“Really Mom?? Anything is possible?”

“Yes buddy, ANYTHING is possible!”

“Well, how exactly? Why is there even a word, “impossible” if nothing is impossible.”

“Good question, buddy…good question.”

In order to prove to my children that nothing is impossible, I searched the web for some inspirational stories and this is one that I found that left them believing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! It shows not only how anything is possible, but this video displays TRUE. UNCONDITIONAL. LOVE. Afterall, isn’t that ALL we need? All we need is love…(which is what God is)…and truly, anything IS possible…if you believe in yourself!

After showing the video to our 2 older sons, our 7 year old shed some tears, because of the love … Read More »

Gratitude Notes

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I woke up this morning, and said my two favorite “wake up” affirmations to start my day:(“Thank you bed for a wonderful night’s rest.” and “Thank you God, for this beautiful day. There will be time for everything I need to do today.”) and I thought,’How can I get my boys to start their days off with gratitude each morning as well?

Then I thought about making these gratitude notes. I quickly grabbed my handy post it notes and a sharpie and wrote them a “wake up” gratitude note and stuck it on their lamp shades next to their bed before they woke up.

Our 7 year old, came down the stairs with a huge smile on his face AND with his gratitude note and gave me a hug. Our 5 year old, who is just learning the basics of how to read site words, came down the same way, but asked me to read what it said. He developed a gigantic smile and said, “I love being kind to my brothers!”

While they ate breakfast, I said to them,

“I know we say what we are grateful for each night after our prayers, but … Read More »

Eyes Wide Open…and Shut

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“Why do I find meditating so challenging?” my good friend asked me the other day.
“I agree, it can be intimidating even, especially at first.” I replied.

Thus leading us into a conversation all about how we currently meditate and our experiences with meditating.

Here’s what I have learned about meditation:

At first, I thought meditation had to be in a quiet room, with soft music playing, dressed in comfy clothes and some type of incense burning. Due to the absence of those materials, I dabbled with my first experience of meditating with a CD my mom bought me when I was pregnant with our first child. The CD definitely calmed me and helped me to slow down my thoughts…but whether it was the lack of dedication or timing, I didn’t quite reach the level of “bliss” that I had heard one can feel while meditating.

Fast forward a couple of years and I took a breathing and meditation class with my husband at a yoga studio after needing to find a stress reliever one Sunday afternoon. (Read about this experience here). This class catapulted me into exploring more ways of meditating. I … Read More »

Day 21 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-accomplishment

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


You did it! Hooray! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! What an accomplishment!!

You see? You can do anything that you put your mind on to achieve! It feels good to finish what you started and to set a goal and accomplish it, doesn’t it? Now hopefully, by partaking and completing this 21-day Affirmation Cleanse, it has given you the momentum to set new goals in you life.

I love the quote, “It’s a dream…until you write it down…then it’s a goal.” -anonymous

My husband asked me the other day what I have gotten out of doing this 21-day Affirmation cleanse. I told him it has helped in 4 areas:

1) Choosing another thought. (I am better, quicker and it is easier for me to choose another thought as soon as a negative or fearful thought enters my mind). I have to say, this has been my most exciting improvement.

2) Setting a goal and accomplishing it: doing this 21-day Affirmation Cleanse.

3)My own personal goal while doing this 21-day Affirmation cleanse … Read More »

Day 20 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-love & appreciation

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


As you know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Some people despise this day because they believe that it is only about having a significant other to love and to love them back. This is not what Valentine’s day is about…at least it’s not how I have ever viewed it.

Valentine’s Day for me is about expressing my love and appreciation for the people who are close to me in my life. This includes, my parents, my siblings, my children, my friends and neighbors. They are pure examples of love in the way they treat everyone around them. They are giving and loving people who are trying to make the world a better place. Valentine’s Day is just 1 of several days that I like to show my love and appreciation to the people in my life.

When we show appreciation for others, this creates a powerful vibration that connects us to our spirit and creates positive emotions for us. The more we show appreciation for someone or something in our life, the better we feel. The … Read More »

Day 19 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-your comfort zone

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:

It is easy for me to step out of my comfort zone.

Are you comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone? Very few of us are…but this is where our souls can grow and learn…and improve!

Your comfort zone is comfortable because it is a place, a zone, of where you know what to expect. Going out of your comfort zone is going out on a limb; attempting the unknown. It can be scary because there is the chance you might fail…or possibly lose. But what if you actually gain something???

To change is to grow. When we grow, we move beyond our comfort zone. If you think about it, when we stay in our comfort zone, we are really just living in the past, where we know the results. When we engage in the present, it forces us to be open to new opportunities that come our way. And, new opportunities create a new response from our spirit. This is where our growth and improvement occur.

One of the biggest things that holds many of us back is our fear of what people will think. That is just … Read More »

Day 18 in The 21-day Affirmation Cleanse-the words we speak

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Today’s Cleansing Affirmation:


Last night my girlfriends and their spouses took me out to celebrate my birthday. We had such an enjoyable time. What made it so enjoyable was the loving, energetic people I was surrounded by, our conversation, the atmosphere and how much we laughed. I love laughing as much as we did. It was one of those nights where my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. It was a time I will always hold dear to me because the love and happiness that each person emanated, was infectious. Thank you, my giving, thoughtful, fun, positive, energetic, dear friends! It meant more to me than you’ll ever know…mainly because of the kind of people you all are…I feel so grateful and so blessed that you are in my life.

Another fun group sitting at the table behind us was celebrating a birthday too. When we asked the other birthday girl if her “real” birthday was last night, she said this, “No. My birthday is on Monday. That is why we had to celebrate tonight…because Monday I will be … Read More »